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So I have two tiny nieces and one somewhat less tiny nephew, and because I am doing my part to bring them up right, they LOVE VIDS. Specifically they really, really love Charmax's Mr. Blue Sky WALL-E vid and [livejournal.com profile] gwyn_r's Hold on Tight Rataouille vid and [personal profile] kuwdora's Love Letter Lilo & Stitch vid.

And those are all AWESOME, FANTASTIC VIDS that I and the other adults in their lives have now seen WAY TOO MANY TIMES. So now we need help, internets. Please, please rec more vids for the six-and-under set.

They get pretty bored by anything that doesn't come from a source they're familiar with, or doesn't at least look like a source they're familiar with--they were reasonably receptive to watching YouTube clips of Fantasia the last time I got tired of replaying the same few vids over and over. (Sadly they were not so into the awesome Gene Kelly vid, although I think I could have Stockholmed them into it if the family reunion had lasted another day or two.)

OTOH, they are young enough that the scary parts of Fantasia are too scary for them, so, for instance, the recent very cool vid by ... somebody ... to Tragic Kingdom, with all the scary/depressing parts of Disney Movies, would not help. They were somewhat upset even by the alligators being sinister in the direction of the hippos.

Please? Internets? Save my brother's sanity and give him some new vids for the next generation of fans to watch? :D
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1) As I haven't said this anywhere outside of comments and IMs yet: Although nothing can be promised, [personal profile] iulia and I firmly intend to propose and volunteer to VJ a Lord King Bad Vid show for VividCon 2011. We can't make it happen without new and new-ish vids, so if you are a vidder reading this consider this your notice that any LKBVs you choose to make in the next ten months could well find a home there! Hypothetically! Maybe!

And if the vid show thing doesn't work out, well. Who doesn't want to see more Lord King Bad Vids? There are whole fandoms that missed out on the last round due to not really existing yet. I feel like Merlin, for example, just cries out for Lord King Bad Vidding.

2) When you are feeling physically wretched for an assortment of not-very-good reasons, there is nothing like seven episodes of Mythbusters in twenty-four hours to make you feel better. Although the sleep, drugs, and pizza probably helped.

3) So last summer, maybe you remember this, I got kind of hooked on the Varg Veum movies, which are from Norway. So, also sometime last summer, I think, I became a fan of Varg Veum on Facebook. It's really entertaining to see occasional posts on my Facebook newsfeed entirely in Norsk. I'm pretty sure that the first of the six new movies is premiering, possibly at some sort of film festival, on Thursday the 26th, and from the set photos posted a week or two ago, I'd guess they're hard at work making more movies.

Now I just have to wait for the movie(s) to make it to DVD, get subtitled in English, and cross the Atlantic. No sweat. In the meantime, I should chase down another of the novels in translation....


Banner by [personal profile] skybound2

Open to all fandoms and ships-or-absences-thereof! Signups now, posting October 1-7.

5) Speaking of Amy Pond and my undying love for her, Neil Gaiman shares a scene cut from the episode he wrote, which is about to go to table-reading.

This year I may be looking forward to the Amy and Her Boys Christmas Special (which, to be clear, is not the episode mentioned above, but still, AMY AND HER BOYS) more than Yuletide.

6) Also speaking of Amy Pond, I was following David Hewlett for a while on Twitter (because Joe Flanigan got on Twitter and I was following him and it seemed obvious) but then I had to un-follow him for his egregious failure to appreciate Amy Pond. :(

The Flan continues to be pretty entertaining, though.

7) I should write something. Speaking of Amy Pond...

I am too entertained by the little bit of this I've written not to share. )
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Periodically when I am doing something else entirely in the course of normal life, like doing my job or something, I suddenly remember that toward the end of Club Vivid I was literally on my knees on the edge of the dance floor in front of [personal profile] renenet and [personal profile] sisabet, drunkenly but sincerely begging them to bring back Lord King Bad Vid next year.

Sometimes I think, Well, I had had a lot of vodka, these things happen.

Sometimes I think, No, seriously, I want LKBV to come back next year. Who's with me?
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You're my only hope! I managed to lose my program book at some point on Sunday, so I now have no way to check the answer to this maddening question:

Did I completely hallucinate the listing of a Doctor Who vid to "Take on Me" by A-ha? I can't find it in any of the vid show posts and I know I didn't see it at the con, and yet I feel like I talked about wanting to see it with other people who would (probably) have noticed if I were hallucinating. I think.


ETA: Okay, yes, there it is right on the DVD set. I am apparently having difficulties with reading this morning. Thanks for reassuring me, peeps!
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I had [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis, [livejournal.com profile] embracepassion and [livejournal.com profile] riverlight in Milwaukee (where Milwaukee mostly equals 'my apartment') for the whole weekend (well, starting in the wee hours of Saturday morning, when we finally had collected both E and R from their flights and brought them home).

Because we are fangirls, it was a whole weekend defined by media-watching (with intervals of all sitting around huddled over laptops ignoring each other). The complete lineup went something like:

  • Band of Brothers - Behind the Scenes, Ron Livingston's video diary, and "Day of Days" *
  • Assorted vids **
  • Quantum of Solace ***
  • A lot more vids +
  • The West Wing - "18th and Potomac" and "Two Cathedrals" ++
  • Supernatural - the pilot +++
  • Assorted YouTube videos including but not limited to: the one where Jared calls Jeff his boyfriend, the one where Jared talks about Jensen brushing the eyelash off his face, and the one where Jensen demonstrates how he would be Sam in a bodyswap episode ^
  • Life - "Pilot", "Tear Asunder", "Let Her Go", "What They Saw", "The Fallen Woman", "Powerless" ^^

  • Aaaaaand then I drove [livejournal.com profile] riverlight down to [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis's place to spend the night and left my phone on the coffee table. So I get to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis some more tonight! And watch more tv! And also get my phone back.

    * Yyyyyeah, I cracked on Thursday or so and started rewatching BoB for the first time since... the first time it aired. I've, uh, been scared to rewatch it. It had an impact the first time!
    ** It is possible that [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis and I both still get choked up every time we see [livejournal.com profile] destina's vid about space, okay?
    *** I don't think I've ever felt like the target audience for a Bond flick before, but holy crap that was fun.
    + My love for [livejournal.com profile] absolutedestiny's "Heart of Funkness" vid remains unholy and ridiculous
    ++ [livejournal.com profile] embracepassion had never seen them!
    +++ And then she wanted to know what Sam and Dean looked like and which one was which!
    ^ What, looking those up is like a REFLEX ACTION
    ^^ I didn't even have to hold anyone down! They liked it! Yay show! \o/
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    In the spirit of enabling my delusion that I will somehow teach myself how to vid and therefore need to match techniques to the songs that tell theoretically-viddable stories in my head:

    Can anybody rec me vids they like - any fandom, available online an obvious plus - which are set to markedly slow-tempo songs?
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    I spent my whole first day back at work, post-[livejournal.com profile] vividcon, with "Man in Motion" stuck in my head. Today it's "Lover's Cross." CURSE YOU, LORD KING BAD VID! CURSE! YOU!

    I am also going round and round in highly unproductive - or at least irritating - mental circles on the Numb3rs epic, so! Time for y'all to help me be distracted by something shiny! The first unspecified-several people who give me a fandom and/or pairing and/or prompt of some kind get a genuine hundred-word drabble, this afternoon or, you know, when I get around to it.

    (Also, I'm not saying Don't request Due South, I'm just saying that if you do, I will cry like a little girl. Or write a hundred words from the Benton Fraser's Steadily Worsening Schizophrenia Is Finally Diagnosed and Medicated universe. Or both.)


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