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So I was sitting here, thinking about Charlie Crews and how he should really be having sex with Matt Flannery from Standoff (Because, quite aside from Any Damian Lewis Character/Any Ron Livingston Character = OTP, they actually live in the same place at approximately the same time and are in generally the same line of work and would probably really like each other).

But then it was making me sad because I am kind of stupidly devoted to the canonical Matt/Emily thing (witness this icon, which I cannot bear to get rid of even though the show got canceled like two years ago), so how would that work out?

And then in a sort of rush of mental images including Charlie hitting on Emily and Emily being amused, and that scene where Emily and Matt invite Frank to join them for a threesome sometime, I realized:


And now I am happy. The end!

* And Ted is really, really dubious.
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None of the shows I watch in real-time (or, well, in torrent-delayed real time, or torrent- and attention-span-delayed real time, or... anyway) is airing new episodes right now. I imprinted largely on dead shows, so it mostly just feels like time to catch my breath (i.e. watch more CSI: New York!) but, anyway. Everything is (allegedly) coming back in the next month:

Life on Mars - March 13 (UK)
Bones        - March 14
Regenesis    - April 1 (Canada)
Standoff     - April 6
Numb3rs      - April 6 ETA: actually, March 9!

Remember Standoff? Ron Livingston, Gina Torres, Michael Cudlitz, big guns, hostage situations, etc.? That's the one I'm kind of watching recede infinitely into the distance: Fox announced it was moving to Friday 8pm, and initially said it was coming back in "Early March," then last week it was March 30, and as of now it's April 6. It's anyone's guess whether they'll actually go through the formality of airing it in the Timeslot of Dooooooom before killing it, but, hey, there's always room for one more slender little DVD set...


That is all.
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First off, everybody meet my new default icon: Emily being pretty, by [livejournal.com profile] selskia, by way of [livejournal.com profile] fox_standoff. I'm going out on a limb here, experimenting with having a default icon portraying someone of my own, you know, actual gender. Crazy, but worth a shot, I think. Also: Emily is pretty, and Emily is from Standoff.

I've been meaning to pimp Standoff (Tuesdays at 8 on Fox! Sometimes! Depending on American Idol and 24! Or watch it on the official website for free, whenever you like!) since I started watching it, which was ... when it premiered. In September. So... three months, maybe three and a half?

Here is what you need to know:

Ron Livingston is an FBI hostage negotiator.

Gina Torres is his boss, who used to be his partner.

Ron Livingston's character is sleeping with his female partner (hi, Emily!) but the relationship's not really obtrusive throughout the show, and they're more likely to spend an episode fighting or being tense with each other than making kissy faces.

Michael Cudlitz, the designated Competent Blond Guy With a Big Gun (and therefore inevitably kind of my favorite) is... a competent blond guy with a big gun; also, randomly vibey with Ron Livingston's character. (Also, yes, he played Bull in Band of Brothers, where Ron Livingston played Nixon; it's a reunion! Only now nobody gets trench foot! So far, anyway!)

What's that, you say? Yeah, it sounds nice? Okay! On to the show!

Here's the first scene of the first episode. )

And here's the part where Emily proposes a threesome, and everybody gets drunk. )

And here's an example of the Matt/Emily content. )

And, what? Now you want to know where the slash is? Over at the Yuletide archive, of course! Written for meeeeeeee! One Up is pre-series Frank/Matt and you want to go read it right now. Yes you do. Go!
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Oh my God, I am in love with my Yuletide present! It's Standoff, and it's called One Up, and I apologize for not diligently pimping all of you into this fandom before now so you could fully appreciate its awesomeness, but trust me when I say that it is awesome! My lovely lovely Yuletide Santa set it mostly pre-series to give me my slash pairing of Matt/Frank (see icon!) despite all that canon het, and ohhhhh I love it in a totally incoherent don't-have-my-contacts-in-yet kind of way. Thank you, Santa! And if any of y'all have seen Standoff or don't mind not knowing the show, go read my awesome awesome present, because it is brilliant.
dira: Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier (Matt & Frank - Looking Up by iconzicons)
Ron Livingston, Gina Torres, and now JOEL BISSONETTE WITH A MACHINE GUN. YUM.


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