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There's something about being home alone that makes me feel obligated to act like an adult, so today I went grocery shopping and bought actual food (produce, even!) and took the trash out and now I'm doing laundry. I made oatmeal cookies, too, because I've realized that I'm totally spoiled by the little flavored packets of oatmeal and will never eat the regular kind out of the canister again, even if it is cheaper. The cookies came out well done and even more well done, because we have no timing devices in the kitchen, but not actually burnt, at least. Unfortunately, now that they're actually cooked, I've eaten so much cookie dough that I don't want them anymore, and I have no roommates to foist them off on. I knew there was going to be some sort of snag in the plan...

One of the other responsible adult things I had to do was watch a couple of episodes of MFU, because the lending library tapes are due back soon, and I have to send them out see? very responsible! )

And now I've become a bit distracted - and thoroughly entertained - by the mental image of Napoleon Solo and Benton Fraser trying to play one another. Good lord, the charm, the politeness, the twinkling of eyes, the little smiles...

Also, is it just me, or is it really disturbingly easy to hear Napoleon saying "Yes, I've been a very naughty boy." ...? Because if he doesn't stop saying that in the back of my head, sooner or later Illya is going to have to Take Steps. Not, I suppose, that that would be a bad thing.
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Notes to self: When entering a new fandom, immediately find out what the last episode was called, so you won't be puzzled about why so freaking many of the fics are post-"blah". Call of the Wild, Quo Vadimus, The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg, Objects in Space, Sweet Revenge.

Further note to self: Wow. Need to watch Sweet Revenge, because, from my quick run through the screencaps, it appears that the people making the show were as aware as I am that Starsky-hurt/Hutch-comfort was a winning combination. Dude.

Further further note to self: When the website says the story is illustrated, it means the story is fucking illustrated. Turn off the graphics on your browser if you're going to try to read some of it at work, before you load the first page.
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My guys heard me! They showed up for this game, they played hockey like they can play it, and they beat the Preds 4-1, so ha!

In other squee-inducing news, I rewatched some of "Death Ride" and finally caught the "me and thee" line (it helps to not have a seriously tipsy Iulia watching alongside), and then we watched "A Coffin for Starsky" and OMG only dogs can hear me now.

If this were a cowboy movie, I'd give you my boots... You're my pal, Hutch. And then he puts out his hand, and Hutch takes it, and all the time Starsky is playing with this blue plush toy that looks like a poodle or something, and squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! The sweating! The embraces! The soothing murmurs and rambling about bad soup! The total absence of manly weeping and "soapy scenes"! Hutch's long last look before he goes out and gets the goddamn job done!

Man, I can go to bed happy now. All my boys are in good places.
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So, I was squeeing to my same-age female co-worker yesterday about the TV shows I've been watching (and may, incidentally, have convinced her that a) Starsky & Hutch was the gayest thing on TV til Queer as Folk and b) she therefore needs to watch it) and was surprised to find she'd never even heard of Man From U.N.C.L.E., so I was trying to figure out why I'd heard of it...

And I realized that it came pretty much entirely from reading bios of Lois McMaster Bujold, who watched it as a young teen and had such a thing for Illya Kuryakin that he inspired the character of Simon Illyan (who I, naturally, adore - maybe Blondo should get a Simon in his name, too? Hmmm.) and...

Okay, at the point I was thinking about this I was half-asleep on the couch, so it was just one of those trains of thought that just... goes.

Simon = Illya.
Mmmm. Illya. Illya and Napoleon.
Who was telling me Lois had to be a slasher at heart to write Ethan?
Illya. Simon. Slash. Hmmmm. Who's Napoleon?
Brunette, kinda stocky, not hugely tall, compelling eyes...
OMG Aral/Simon

I doubt that's as much a revelation to anyone else as it is to me, because now that I think about it, it's dead obvious. Not as a love thing, but as a sex thing? Wow. Yes. During the period where Simon was playing watchdog, following Aral everywhere - a soldier but not under his command, an adversary from his own side, a friend - trying to get a handle on him for the Emperor, who doubtless already knew all about Aral's proclivities and stuck this pretty blond soldier-boy in his lap...

I'm just saying. I need to go reread Shards now.
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Boss is back from vacation and talking to me, again, the way she does, and I'm trying - and so far failing - to send [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis's mom an email assuring her that [livejournal.com profile] daveamongus is not one of the X number of Marines mentioned in this morning's headlines, but who wants to think about any of that?

This weekend, while cut off from my own computer (and watching a lot of TV to keep myself distracted) I wrote a tiny little snippet of Starsky & Hutch for [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis, who agreed to share.

Everybody needs a little change. )
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So, I spent $1200 last night, and it took me about five minutes. I find this kind of disturbing; I still feel like buying a computer is something I should have my permission slip signed for (even though I've done it alone before, and, yeah, look at the results, I know...) by my big brothers or dad or someone. But I did it, all by my little self - ordered a nice simple basic Dell with a 14" screen and possibly my first perfectly legal copy of WordPerfect ever in life, maxed out all the warranties and got an extra battery and so on.

I've Got a Name... )

So, when not ordering a new computer online, I've been reading a little Man from UNCLE fic (so good! must get tapes!) and watching a lot of Starsky and Hutch (I'm sorry, did Hutch just call Starsky's mom to ask what his favorite food is, so that he could make them a romantic candlelit dinner for two? Why yes, it looks like he did.) and then we had to go see the movie (hilarious) and there was also some hockey in there somewhere (flukily victorious, which works for me, and then they totally killed me by interviewing my darling beloved goalie after he had changed into a suit and combed his hair and if you'll excuse me I need to go ask around on the puckbunnies board to see if I've got a shot with him...)

But, today's family gathering time, so I can hit up #2 Brother, who I presume, what with one thing and another, will be the only family computer expert presnt, for advice. I assume that transplanting a laptop hard drive into a desktop CPU is just an absurd technical impossibility? Because we've got a couple of those going spare. But S.R.D.A.I.S. Hutchinson Blondo should be here within a week or so, and then the fun really starts...
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My computer - Mark Pierre - has died. Again. Stupid fucking Compaq laptop with a stupid fucking wonky power source. The last repair held for about six months, but I have a sneaking suspicion that there's only so much soldering they can do on those parts. I know that last time I got it repaired, I decided that the next time it happened, I was just going to have to buy a new computer. Unfortunately, my mp3s and the latest scene of the hockey AU and probably lots of other random bits of data are trapped on Mark Pierre's hard drive, so I suspect that I'm going to have to get the computer repaired anyway (which I think is going to mean taking a sick day Monday, or at least a few hours), and then, given my state of brokeness, I know I'll be tempted to just see how much longer I can make Mark Pierre last, although, really, what with the once- or twice-daily crashes and this, Mark Pierre's reliability is not exactly stellar. So. New-computer-buying time.

But since my computer always manages to die on a Friday evening, and since Dell doesn't ship *that* fast, no matter what I do I'm going to be without my own computer for a few days (though, obviously, since I'm posting this, there are alternatives available right here in my apartment).

All of which is to say, hey, #discourse peeps, I may not be around much this weekend. LJ peeps, likewise - not that I've been a towering presence or anything - and, dammit, I may have to start writing longhand or something if I want to keep up what momentum I have on the hockey AU.

Anyway. I'm going to go eat something now, and then stare at Starsky & Hutch until the tight jeans and cute shoes make me feel better.
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I've been thinking about Starsky and Hutch - hence the icon - and... maybe it takes place in a reality where projectile weapons have been completely eliminated, and replaced with astonishingly similar-looking paintball guns? That would explain a lot.
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I need to make about three different posts, but I suspect I won't actually remember to do the others if I just do one of them now (witness yesterday's total absence of con reportage) so, despite wildly varying themes, I'm going to try it with cut tags.

First thing I need to say, of course, is RIP, Maisie the Hamster. )

And then... I suppose there's not really enough content here to warrant a cut tag, but playoff hockey starts tonight at 7 Eastern with the first game between the Red Wings and Nashville. I'm really pleased Nashville made the playoffs - it's their first time doing so, ever, since the team was created six years ago, plus they have Jordin Tootoo, the first ever Inuit to play pro hockey. I wish we weren't playing them in the first round, because I'd've like to be able to cheer them on a little further, but as it is, they must be crushed. Sorry, guys.

::knock wood::

So. Condolences to [livejournal.com profile] lynnmonster and [livejournal.com profile] imkalena and [livejournal.com profile] heuradys and anybody else whose team didn't make it this far, and wary congratulations to fans of our honored opponents and potential opponents. Go Wings! And also: Go Blues, Flames, Stars, Islanders, Bruins, and Fliers! Toronto and Ottawa, you give me a headache, so may the best Ontarians win.

And also, I had kind of a busy weekend )

And, buggrit, now I have to go to work.

But! I have spent an inordinate amount of time since getting home talking about Illya and Napoleon, and last night, despairing of being able to watch UNCLE, I went out and bought Starsky & Hutch on DVD and - as mentioned - have now watched a few wildly entertaining episodes, so. Consider me pimped, yo.




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