May. 28th, 2013 09:13 pm
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1. I went! I was on panels and everything! Check out #QueeringText and #UsingTumblr for the upshots of the ones I was on.

2. The other upshot of the Queering the Text panel: I may or may not have said I would write fic where Stiles wakes up as a girl in the same body she went to sleep in.

3. Saturday night I got unexpectedly fantastically drunk on the homebrew at the--uh, I have no idea which party that was. But their hard cider was really great! And then I vaguely recall being down in the lobby having a lot of feelings about The Hockey Sweater, wolf puppies, and Commodore Jole and his sailboat.

Then I felt like I was going to throw up, and [personal profile] iulia took me upstairs and very patiently shepherded me through not throwing up, getting into jammies, hydrating, getting into bed, and so on. She even plugged in my phone, you guys. She's the greatest.

4. I should probably mention that a bit earlier on Saturday night we watched the hockey game together and in the course of pretending to punch Iulia in the face for celebrating a Chicago goal I came perilously close to actually punching her in the face. /o\

5. Further annals of marriedness: Iulia and I wore matching jerseys all day Saturday (Red Wings, Lidstrom and Yzerman) and Sunday (Blackhawks, Toews and Kowalski). People were confused when we no longer matched on Monday.

6. We roomed with [personal profile] fairestcat and [personal profile] commodorified, both of whom put more effort into clothes and makeup for any given evening of parties than I put into clothes and makeup for an entire year, which was fascinating to watch.

7. Cat and Marna were both on the panel I got up early enough to go to on Sunday morning after being magnificently drunk Saturday night: What We Write About When We Write About Rape )

8. Haiku earring party! I wrote and Iulia betaed a haiku to earn Iulia a pair of earrings (I don't wear earrings but like writing haiku; Iulia likes earrings but is not always into writing haiku, so the division of labor works out well.)

9. Viiiiid paaaaarty! Which was awesome and full of vids and fangirls and also just made me pine for VividCon. Can it be time for VividCon right now?

10. Sunday night turned into lots of fangirls on the floor in somebody's hotel room, passing around whatever drinks people had left at that point in the con (Fruit Loops vodka made an appearance), which is always pretty much my favorite part of any con. ♥


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