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So on Atlantis, Earth=Chino.

Man, the crossover possibilities there are... hooboy.
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Back in January, just after I finished writing the hockeyfic, I started writing another AU, or at least a piece of one, since I have these notions about AUs needing to be universe-sized stories in order to justify having a whole new universe. It was just something I was writing in order to keep myself busy while waiting for beta commentary on the hockeyfic. It ran afoul of my post-hockeyfic inability to write porn, and became just something I occasionally tormented other people with snippets of.

Last night, for reasons not entirely clear to me, I took advantage of the fact that I couldn't sleep and finished it, sometime around two-thirty in the morning. This morning I went through and corrected some typos (leftt and rightt in consecutive sentences were my favorite) and now I present it, for the handful of you who've spent four months waiting me to get to the fucking already, and, uh, anyone else who'd been thinking that what The OC fandom really needed was a gratuitous junkie/hooker AU that consists entirely of Seth getting tied to a bed and fucked by Ryan.

In Loco (25k). NC-17, Seth/Ryan, bondage, presumably underage principals, stunning lack of research.
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Just saw the S1 finale/S2 premiere of The OC for the first time (yay "summer season"!) and I just have to say: damn. I have a lot more sympathy for Seth's Season of Total Asshattery now. BAD PARENTS. SHAME.
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Just got an email from the college, telling me they couldn't open the attached form I sent them (which, hi, maybe you should have just said 'email us your response, including the following info' rather than asking that we email back a .doc file, but whatever) and requesting that I resend and put my response in the body of the email as well, just in case. So I just redownloaded the file, filled it out, saved-with-shorter-file-name, and composed a jaunty reply email including an assurance that I got the attachment right this time and the information that I won't be at orientation this weekend, which I, of course, sent off without attaching the file.


And now for something completely different: cracked-out crossovers I swear I will never write )
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Numb3rs fic! Safe for all ages, all gen and squeeful.

The Arms of the Galaxy by [livejournal.com profile] audrarose, in which Charlie reveals why you should--once in a while--try playing Cat's Cradle with somebody who can do fractal geometry in his head.

Professor Fleinhart's Office Hours by Alison over at the Numb3rs.org forums, in which Charlie breaks physics.

Also, I don't know what I was dreaming this morning, just that the high pitched noise turned out to be my alarm clock, and not [livejournal.com profile] brooklinegirl squeeing over something. Possibly, given last night's episode of the OC, Ryan.
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So I've been playing Tetris (the original!) lately, letting my brain do some random shuffling while I make the shapes on the screen move around. A few days ago I was pondering House's overdetachment from his patients in terms of the way, when you're playing Tetris at levels above 9 or 10, you can't really look at individual pieces - you just have to see what's going on out of the corner of your eye and respond. A lot of times this means mistaking a tri-thingy for a square, because they're both white, but it's the only way to play at that level. I know objectivity seems like a lame excuse for the way House treats patients - but maybe, having been in their shoes - er, drafty gowns - himself, he's no longer able to dissociate himself from them by normal means, and has to be a little more drastic.

Today, playing Tetris, I started thinking about Seth and Ryan, and then I had this horrible realization.


Seth probably never played original Tetris in his life. Not with the square-edged controller and the big boxy console. Ryan might've - a secondhand set from somewhere, when he was six or seven - but Seth almost certainly hasn't. I don't know if I can relate to Seth anymore. Jesus.


I need to go play more Tetris now.
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Last night, what with one thing and another, I got around to watching an episode of The OC on TV, in real time, the first time it aired. Wild, huh?

Here's the thing. )

Oh and check out my OC icon! Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] splash_the_cat!
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Sometime in the summer of 2003, somebody wrote a DS flashfic which featured a young Benton Fraser in boarding school, drinking and cursing and talking with his classmates and eventually discovering that he wanted to be a Mountie, not in emulation of his father, but of Gerard. I could have sworn [livejournal.com profile] lamardeuse or another Real Canadian had written it, but now I can't remember which challenge it was for, nor find the story anywhere. Help?

([livejournal.com profile] silverakira, I was going to point you to this story by way of saying, yes. The Benton Fraser=Ryan Atwood parallel can certainly be made.)

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] pearl_o has solved the mystery! The story was [livejournal.com profile] cmshaw's Boys Will Be..., from the Summer of '79 Challenge.


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