May. 28th, 2013 09:13 pm
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1. I went! I was on panels and everything! Check out #QueeringText and #UsingTumblr for the upshots of the ones I was on.

2. The other upshot of the Queering the Text panel: I may or may not have said I would write fic where Stiles wakes up as a girl in the same body she went to sleep in.

3. Saturday night I got unexpectedly fantastically drunk on the homebrew at the--uh, I have no idea which party that was. But their hard cider was really great! And then I vaguely recall being down in the lobby having a lot of feelings about The Hockey Sweater, wolf puppies, and Commodore Jole and his sailboat.

Then I felt like I was going to throw up, and [personal profile] iulia took me upstairs and very patiently shepherded me through not throwing up, getting into jammies, hydrating, getting into bed, and so on. She even plugged in my phone, you guys. She's the greatest.

4. I should probably mention that a bit earlier on Saturday night we watched the hockey game together and in the course of pretending to punch Iulia in the face for celebrating a Chicago goal I came perilously close to actually punching her in the face. /o\

5. Further annals of marriedness: Iulia and I wore matching jerseys all day Saturday (Red Wings, Lidstrom and Yzerman) and Sunday (Blackhawks, Toews and Kowalski). People were confused when we no longer matched on Monday.

6. We roomed with [personal profile] fairestcat and [personal profile] commodorified, both of whom put more effort into clothes and makeup for any given evening of parties than I put into clothes and makeup for an entire year, which was fascinating to watch.

7. Cat and Marna were both on the panel I got up early enough to go to on Sunday morning after being magnificently drunk Saturday night: What We Write About When We Write About Rape )

8. Haiku earring party! I wrote and Iulia betaed a haiku to earn Iulia a pair of earrings (I don't wear earrings but like writing haiku; Iulia likes earrings but is not always into writing haiku, so the division of labor works out well.)

9. Viiiiid paaaaarty! Which was awesome and full of vids and fangirls and also just made me pine for VividCon. Can it be time for VividCon right now?

10. Sunday night turned into lots of fangirls on the floor in somebody's hotel room, passing around whatever drinks people had left at that point in the con (Fruit Loops vodka made an appearance), which is always pretty much my favorite part of any con. ♥


Feb. 17th, 2013 11:49 am
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Registered and confirmed for [community profile] vividcon, despite the vagaries of the internet service here (I'm at a campground for a weekend with my extended family where, no lie, the user agreement for the wifi ends with "God is watching and so are we").

Registration is not yet filled up, so anybody who wants to come but missed registering last night, there's still a chance! :D
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1) If you take five thousand people from all over the world, from infants to old dudes on motorized scooters, and put them all in a hotel together for a long weekend, and no one is sleeping enough or eating right and a pretty large proportion of everybody is drinking every night, con crud happens! And if you are in a prominent public-contact position like the information desk, it will probably happen to you!

Alternately, if I hang out a lot with [profile] daveamongus when he has a cold, by the end of the weekend I will probably have the same cold.

2) The Derek/Stiles fic full of pack feels that was not any of the things I meant to write last week is now over ten thousand words and the porn has not yet actually commenced. But I am still convinced I can finish it tonight.
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So, hey, I was at VividCon this weekend! I... neglected to post and say I was going, and apparently managed to avoid even people who were at the con noticing I was there for much of the weekend, so ... clearly my stealth skills are top-notch?

That said, I did get to hang out with lots of awesome people and watch lots of excellent vids. I would try to recap or name people or something except my internal monologue looks sort of like:


...so it's going to take a while before I can do anything more focused than scraping off the rest of my manicure and attempting to scroll back to the last place I stopped reading on Tumblr.

PS Not that I am writing or plotting any kind of Teen Wolf fic or anything but is there a generally agreed-upon internal chronology of the first season? Dates? If there isn't one that makes sense, does anybody have a theory? I NEED SOMETHING TO WORK WITH. NOT THAT I AM WORKING ON ANYTHING.
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So I'm sitting in my hotel room at WisCon, taking some quiet post-dinner pre-party time to hang out with Iulia and try to get some writing done on my Nate/Brad babyfic.

And it occurs to me that a year ago I was at WisCon spending quiet time in the hotel room with Iulia reading One Bullet Away and trying to figure out how I would make a Companion to Wolves fusion work. So I guess I've been in this fandom for a year now! \o/
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1) As I haven't said this anywhere outside of comments and IMs yet: Although nothing can be promised, [personal profile] iulia and I firmly intend to propose and volunteer to VJ a Lord King Bad Vid show for VividCon 2011. We can't make it happen without new and new-ish vids, so if you are a vidder reading this consider this your notice that any LKBVs you choose to make in the next ten months could well find a home there! Hypothetically! Maybe!

And if the vid show thing doesn't work out, well. Who doesn't want to see more Lord King Bad Vids? There are whole fandoms that missed out on the last round due to not really existing yet. I feel like Merlin, for example, just cries out for Lord King Bad Vidding.

2) When you are feeling physically wretched for an assortment of not-very-good reasons, there is nothing like seven episodes of Mythbusters in twenty-four hours to make you feel better. Although the sleep, drugs, and pizza probably helped.

3) So last summer, maybe you remember this, I got kind of hooked on the Varg Veum movies, which are from Norway. So, also sometime last summer, I think, I became a fan of Varg Veum on Facebook. It's really entertaining to see occasional posts on my Facebook newsfeed entirely in Norsk. I'm pretty sure that the first of the six new movies is premiering, possibly at some sort of film festival, on Thursday the 26th, and from the set photos posted a week or two ago, I'd guess they're hard at work making more movies.

Now I just have to wait for the movie(s) to make it to DVD, get subtitled in English, and cross the Atlantic. No sweat. In the meantime, I should chase down another of the novels in translation....


Banner by [personal profile] skybound2

Open to all fandoms and ships-or-absences-thereof! Signups now, posting October 1-7.

5) Speaking of Amy Pond and my undying love for her, Neil Gaiman shares a scene cut from the episode he wrote, which is about to go to table-reading.

This year I may be looking forward to the Amy and Her Boys Christmas Special (which, to be clear, is not the episode mentioned above, but still, AMY AND HER BOYS) more than Yuletide.

6) Also speaking of Amy Pond, I was following David Hewlett for a while on Twitter (because Joe Flanigan got on Twitter and I was following him and it seemed obvious) but then I had to un-follow him for his egregious failure to appreciate Amy Pond. :(

The Flan continues to be pretty entertaining, though.

7) I should write something. Speaking of Amy Pond...

I am too entertained by the little bit of this I've written not to share. )
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Periodically when I am doing something else entirely in the course of normal life, like doing my job or something, I suddenly remember that toward the end of Club Vivid I was literally on my knees on the edge of the dance floor in front of [personal profile] renenet and [personal profile] sisabet, drunkenly but sincerely begging them to bring back Lord King Bad Vid next year.

Sometimes I think, Well, I had had a lot of vodka, these things happen.

Sometimes I think, No, seriously, I want LKBV to come back next year. Who's with me?
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You're my only hope! I managed to lose my program book at some point on Sunday, so I now have no way to check the answer to this maddening question:

Did I completely hallucinate the listing of a Doctor Who vid to "Take on Me" by A-ha? I can't find it in any of the vid show posts and I know I didn't see it at the con, and yet I feel like I talked about wanting to see it with other people who would (probably) have noticed if I were hallucinating. I think.


ETA: Okay, yes, there it is right on the DVD set. I am apparently having difficulties with reading this morning. Thanks for reassuring me, peeps!
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Live (well, live on the morning after) from Con.Txt, here is my reaction:

My reaction, let me show you it. )
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I am now sitting here looking up Varg Veum on youtube (after also looking him up on Wikipedia). I just watched all the trailers, despite them all being in, you know, Norwegian, and then I found a five minute clip from the sixth movie with subtitles and lesbians. SEND HELP. OR MORE CLIPS OF VARG VEUM.

(For people who did not see the vid at VividCon--I don't think it's online yet, alas--uh, they are a series of movies based on a series of novels about a (Norwegian!) private investigator, and there is a lot of blood and violence and people dying and, now that I think about it, an actual dead woman in an actual refrigerator. But Varg seems really, you know... sad about it all. And blond. I possibly have a type.)

(Apparently in Norway people say "Hi" pretty much like here! It's the one word I understood. \o/)

Also, I am more aware of HOLY CRAP JOSS WHEDON YOU HAVE SOME ISSUES than I was before I watched a lot of Buffy, Firefly/Serenity, and Dollhouse vids all in one weekend. HOLY CRAP, JOSS WHEDON, YOU HAVE SOME ISSUES.

Mostly unrelated to VividCon, I am now all caught up on season five of CSI NY and then I bit off all the nails on my left hand. Why is it not September 23 right now? Damn cliffhangers.

oh! right!

Aug. 16th, 2009 07:05 pm
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So, hey! I forgot to really mention it at all, but I've been at VividCon since Thursday. It was excellent as it always is, and I forgot to take a hoodie with me and the hotel is cold, so I HAD to spend all that time hugging people (mostly [personal profile] iulia and [personal profile] frostfire). That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Iulia and I have come home convinced that no, seriously, we mean it this time, we are going to make a vid. In light of the fact that I had four hours of sleep last night, Iulia is gently but firmly ignoring the ideas I came up with while driving home, which is probably for the best.

I am eyeing the poll for what bandom story you'd like me to tell with a combination of excitement and trepidation (the Spencer/Bob story, currently tied for first choice in the poll, is really long, okay? even in its summarized form, it is really insanely long). So we'll see how that shakes out and when; probably this post is as much prose composition as I should be attempting today.
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Sooooo I kind of accidentally attended WisCon this weekend--Oops... )

Oh, and I left Madison without getting a tattoo even though it did sound like kind of a fabulous idea at various points through the weekend (there was a holiday sale on and everything) and I could totally have blamed it on [personal profile] commodorified and [personal profile] fairestcat and their awesome text tattoos. And I saw [personal profile] ellen_fremedon and [personal profile] bipagan and [livejournal.com profile] jessica_freely and did not feel compelled to blame them for anything, which may mean that they need to blame me for things instead, idk.

Also, as one does, I started reading Here Be Hippogriffs from the beginning, which was in 2004. It's an infertility/parenting blog - not to trivialize this woman's real life which has included struggles I cannot imagine, but it's like real-life kidfic, precocious child and happy ending and all! Aaaand I stayed up until 2AM reading it last night and am still not done yet.

So, uh, that's what I've been up to. And you?

ETA of *facepalm*: and finally met, and crashed with (and made exclamations of "You taught me how Archie Kennedy's pants work!" and "Of course I remember that Due South regency AU you were writing!" to) [personal profile] damned_colonial!
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But I am home from [livejournal.com profile] muskratjamboree, and headed back to work after many excellent excellent days away.

And thanks to my mental review of the con in the shower this morning, I have "Eye of the Tiger" stuck in my head, and I can't remember who actually rocked Dean's entire dance routine, but I would just like to say right now, YOU WERE AMAZING.

*pops collar*
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1) Just had my first Muskrat Jamboree anxiety dream, in which I missed all the Friday panels and SLEPT THROUGH THE VID SHOW/DANCE PARTY. There was a serious moment of waking up and realizing, no, it's okay! MJ didn't happen yet! I didn't miss anything! Guys, DON'T LET ME SLEEP THROUGH THE PARTY.

2) Supernatural last night. )
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So apparently next week it's going to be February, and that means the first week in April is really not very far away. And you know what that means, right? Muskrats! And their Jamboree!

So a) I should probably buy some plane tickets!

And b) It's time to suggest panels!

I already suggested "Fandom Ambassadors: Talking About Fic, Slash, and Fandom to People Who Just Don't Know or Just Don't Get It." Admittedly kind of an unwieldy title, but descriptive, no? And I seem to do this like it's my JOB. I told my MOM about slash. I told my DAD. I told [livejournal.com profile] strangecobwebs and [livejournal.com profile] textualchauvini the second time we had class together. If this doesn't make it as an actual panel I will just keep cornering people and sharing my horror stories and demanding to hear theirs, so, really. \o/

I'm trying to think of other things to suggest. I'm not sure whether it would qualify as a panel, but would people be interested in doing an hour of Sit Down, Shut Up, and Write again? I kind of do like the idea [livejournal.com profile] brooklinegirl raised of having dance practice where we can work on getting our "Eye of the Tiger" just right although, ahaha, I should in no way be in charge of that one.

Do people want to talk about Criminal Minds and how we would put them all in bed together if we could just figure out where all the legs go? (Um, that's not just me, right?) I'm sure people want Doctor Who or Torchwood or bandom or Supernatural or Life panels, but what kind? Would anyone want to do a small/new fandom pimping panel where a succession of people have time to talk (or squee, or display visual aids) regarding what they love about their new show and why you should be watching? Should there be an official at-the-con stich'n'bitch? What am I totally failing to think of?
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...well, fifteenth time, now.

1) The more I think about the episode the more it makes me twitch, but I am going to have it on my Tifaux forever.

2) You know what I really want? I really want to see this projected on a big screen at Muskrat Jamboree so a roomful of fangirls can all DANCE ALONG, like our very own Joxer dance. LIKE CAGED TIGRESSES.

Just, you know, everybody be careful where you point your leg-guitar.

...sixteenth time.

I can stop any time I want.

(For the ... um, idk, one? person on my lj who has no idea what I'm talking about: this is what I'm talking about.)

ETA: Also, kind-of-but-not-really unrelated: I keep hearing about this video where Jared calls Jeff his boyfriend, but no one ever actually links to it. LINK PLZ? SOMEONE?
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I am a muskrat! I will be jamboree-ing! \o/

oh, hello.

Oct. 6th, 2008 02:28 pm
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I've been off... doing stuff. Including working on the Torchwood Epic of Ricidulousness and Doom (really, it's almost totally finished for real, I swear), which I somehow like to imagine translates into actually participating in fandom in ways that let other people know I am not dead. But as it turns out: no.

Apart from that, what I have been up to lately includes:

1. Watching Sarah Jane Adventures )

2. Semi-relatedly, listening to Doctor Who audio--only not any of the Eighth Doctor ones [livejournal.com profile] darthfox recced me, after reviewing the entire extant catalog, nor the Torchwood radio play I still haven't finished, nor the audiobook of David Tennant reading The Stone Rose. No, I finished listening to the second half of the Eighth Doctor play, "Minuet in Hell," which I'd already given up on months ago because it's, uh, kind of bad.

I'm sorry! I'm a compulsive completist! Also I thought there were pretty good odds on the Doctor a) shouting and b) being a woobie! Plus, c) the Brig.

I did in fact get a, b, and c, and it was in fact otherwise pretty bad. But hey, now I can move on to "Invaders from Mars" secure in the knowledge that I finished the last one (although I couldn't make it through "Stones of Venice," ugh...)

3. Rediscovering my love for Supernatural )

4. Totally writing my exchange fic, I swear. Okay, but, um. I thought really hard about it at some point this weekend?

5. Attempting to explain smarm to a SF writer. WHY DOES THIS SORT OF THING HAPPEN EVERY TIME I GO TO A CON?
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From one Wesley, in the comment thread on "The Weirdest Book in the World" at Tor.com:
And then there was Atom Bomb Blues by Andrew Cartmel, a 7th Doctor book that had an alternate universe Manhattan Project, and Japanese agents in color-coordinated zoot suits, and a buffoonish security officer based for no obvious reason on Dashiell Hammett, and a random encounter with Duke Ellington, and a cameo by an alien named Zorg who adds a "z" whenever he says anyone's name. And a beatnik. And the Doctor tricks the security guy into thinking he's eaten peyote, also for no obvious reason... and his companion takes fish oil pills that give her superhuman mathematical skills, and she's wearing a cowgirl outfit because she thought the TARDIS was going to the Alamo... I am still not convinced that I did not hallucinate this book.

...Having not seen the Seventh Doctor yet, I am wondering whether it's the book, or the Doctor. I'm a little scared, either way.

Unrelated to the above: yesterday, I succumbed to peer pressure from various folks at [livejournal.com profile] fat_chance_fans (which is an awesome and lovely comm where I have thus far totally failed to say anything of substance, but fangirls interested in weight- and diet- and fitness-related things should check it out, because everyone there has been fantastic) and tried doing some push-ups with an eye toward trying out the one hundred pushups program. And wow, are my arms tired. Really, really tired. It's kind of sad.

And then today, after I'd spent all day with my arms sore and limp and useless, [livejournal.com profile] fairmer [livejournal.com profile] matociquala (um, what, I totally know whose post I'm reading at any given time) posted about how taking a walk helped her work out some plotting problems in her stories. And lo, though I had no plotting problems to work out (my problem is more one of butt-in-seat, or rather, fingers-on-keyboard-when-relevant-file-is-on-desktop), I went and walked for thirty minutes. In fact, remembering--even if not precisely heeding--the sage words of Doctor Mama, I even ran for bits of it.

So all I can say is: damn that peer pressure! And, you know. Keep it coming! *g*

Also: hey, VividCon! That sure was awesome! I completely meant to post things about it, because I had an excellent time and talked to lots of people and even had Thoughts about some of them-there vids, but... you know how it is. A world full of shiny objects. I get distracted.
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When placed on a hanger together, aforementioned button-down shirt totally conceals aforementioned plaid skirt.




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