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So, uh, if you read my journal here, you... may have noticed that I have slid into a corner of Captain America fandom known as the Hydra Trash Party. In case you have not worked out what that phrase signifies, here is the fanlore article for the Hydra Trash Party. (I wrote that! I am weirdly, intensely proud of it.)

We've gone ten rounds of "non-con fic is awful and no one should write it" wank over on Tumblr lately--there is always going to be one more outraged person on Tumblr tagging their outrage for trash partiers to find and argue with--but in the last 24 hours I've been really, really feeling my love for the Dumpster and all my trashmates.

Fond musings on the trash party under the cut, including non-explicit discussion of a kinkmeme prompt involving rape in a character's backstory. )

PS, tonight Tumblr led me unto the Internet Archive's collection of every episode of The Joy of Painting, in case you need some soothing palate-cleanser and/or a kindly affirmation that you can do whatevvvvver you want with the fictional worlds you create.

(Bucky cries a lot in mine, that's just how I like things to be. Maybe in yours he's happy and eats pizza and has a lot of happy sex with the partner or partners of his choosing! Everybody gets to make their own world. Thanks, Bob Ross.)

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