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God it's a good thing there's not a spelling bee this year.

PS, [livejournal.com profile] textualchauvini thinks I should do podcasts of the stories I am never going to write, called Story Time With Dira, or possibly the Dira Sudis Story Hour. y/n?
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Proposed: Sober Is Totally A Synonym For Awesome? y/y?

Less Seriously Proposed: Get a photo of Andy Hurley holding a sign that says Vegan Is Not A Synonym For Magic? Y/Have to explain stereotypical fic characterizations to Andy/Get taken away by security?
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Hi!!! I am a little or a lot drunk right now! (Much backspacing!) I had to drink several beers to get over my TRAGIC LOSS in the First Annual Con.Txt Spelling Bee on the word FORNIPHILIA. I spelled it with an e. I won't tell you where. I'm very embarrassed! But I came in second, YAY ME!!!!!!

And now I have had MANY BEERS and I have to go to sleep. And I can spell still! YAY ME. mostly.

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Puked! Rather a lot! Messily, and all over the bathroom, and it didn't taste very good at all, and my sinuses are burning, because I think something came out my nose. Feel bad - keep apologizing to Iulia, who is very much the best friend there ever was, and kept telling me to sit down, though she is cleaning up after me and I can HEAR her sighing - feel very bad, but I suppose the mess cannot wait until I am sober enough to deal with it. Am very apologetic. Puked a LOT. Should not drink so much. Not so much my sinuses hurt as my soft palate. Instant karma, as it were. Stille drunk, though. Haven't puked since I was nine, not as bad as I thought it would be, probably because I'm drunk.

Did I mention we're moving tomorrow? Not looking forward to it. My mother (who thinks I'm deviant) will be here, and my dad. And #3 Brother! Love #3 Brother. Will try to focus on that, and not Iulia sighing in the bathroom, because I made a huge mess and she is the best friend ever. Sorry if I squicked anyone, cannot manage tags right now. Cannot even sit up right now. But can type! Yay sense memory!
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Wheee! Turns out that one drink per Sports Night episode (22 minutes on dvd) means getting pretty damn hammered by episode number, um, number 7. (Had to ask. Am really drunk.) Am pretty wobbly. Am backspacing a lot. This is fun! My hands are all tingly, and my tongue wants to be kissing someone. Probably for the best that I am sitting waaaaay over here away from Iulia. Nobody to kiss. Or touch. Think I was freaking her out during episode #6. Was touching her, because my hands are all tingly. Soooooo tingly. Backspacing a LOT. I should probably stop now, because I'm drunk.

I would totally sleep with Jeremy. I'm just saying. Except I'm not a porn star, so maybe Jeremy wouldn't sleep with ME? But I would.

Also, really drunk. Also, is Geometry actually sexy? Maybe just with geek guys. But they're the best anyway. Also. Really drunk. Stopping now (too much backspacing, and the residential gateway devices are really annoying, and, hey, what DID happen to Dana's face?) Done now. Really.

Day. Night. Oscar Wilde would be proud. No. Done. Done. Bye now. So drunk, so much backspacing.

ETA: Don't remember why I was editing this. Except I am totally hammered, really wobbly, and giggly, and Jeremy's dating a porn star! And I'm seeing a little bit of double and I totally have no short term memory and can't follow the plot and I'm backspacing a lot and did I say seeing double? And it's only nine-thirty - okay, nine-forty-eight - and I'm seeing double and I think I'm going to have to watch this episode again sometime when I'm not drunk and, wow, I need to not update my lj when I'm drunk. And. Seeing double. And. Going to bed soon. Stopping now. Ninety-second? I love Danny. I *am* Danny. Sort of. Except less so. Done now, honest.


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