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So before I got around to writing, or even plotting, my Stargate SG-1 magnum opus, I really, really wanted to write a Moebius story. You remember Moebius, right? It's the one where SG-1 goes back mumble thousand years in time, and everyone EXCEPT Daniel dies, and then he's trapped alone in ancient Egypt for years until an alternate-timeline Sam, Jack, and Teal'c show up to fix the timeline, and then, reality having been repaired, that Daniel, Sam, Jack, and Teal'c are left in ancient Egypt to live out their lives.

Well, I thought to myself, this begs some questions. One was: How does Teal'c survive in a world with no Goa'uld and no Tretonin? And the answer was, he probably doesn't. Another was: How the hell does this hardened, battle-scarred, even-more-fucked-up-than-most Daniel deal with spending the rest of his life with alternate versions of Sam and Jack?

But the most pressing question was why, this time, Daniel survived when his team died. So obviously I came up with a more satisfying answer than "to defeat Ra" and it was "because he and Sam and Jack had a baby and Daniel was the parent best equipped to raise her alone in ancient Egypt, so he was designated to hang back and survive if things went wrong in the uprising."

I mean. Obviously, right?

But the idea of Daniel raising his daughter in ancient Egypt, with all the miseries and limits that would entail, was also really depressing. Ah, I thought, well. There's still a puddlejumper around somewhere--that first one that got buried in the desert, stranding the original team in the past. It's bound to get unburied eventually, and when it does, hey presto! They can all go home!

And it was that--the going home, with all the complications it would entail, all the ways it would disrupt the equilibrium they might have arrived at, Daniel raising his daughter with doppelgangers of her other parents--that I found I really wanted to write. I made several starts at it. With the Dying, my story about the alternate Teal'c dying in ancient Egypt, was one of those starts.

The next one picked up right after that and just kept going, with the shaky start of Daniel's relationship to the geek!verse Sam and Jack, and the introduction of Daniel's daughter.

Breakfast. 1500 words. )

My third try at the story was next in internal chronology, jumping forward a year and a half, to a point where Daniel and the new Sam and Jack have settled into a new triad relationship, and also more or less settled into living in ancient Egypt.

This also showcases the way ancient poetry and backstory were going to be sprinkled into the story--the title by this time had advanced from "OT3gypt" to "Out of the Unexpected", which is one of Sappho's more fragmentary bits of poetry.

Honey, I'm home. 1800 words. )

The middle attempt at the story got the furthest in terms of words written, although it spans maybe three or four hours of internal time, tops. It's set a day or two after the scene above, on a very eventful day.

Out of the Unexpected. 15,000 words. )

So, if it's not already obvious: I still love this story to tiny, team-y, kidfic-y bits. But, yeah, there's no way I'm ever writing it, so I hope that other people get some warm fuzzies from these pieces of it!
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More WIP Amnesty! Kidfic this time--werewolf eye color, in particular, got jossed here. But mostly, uh, in the survival-of-the-fittest competition that is my brain, hookerfic beat out kidfic for The Next Huge Teen Wolf Epic I Will Spend A Year Writing, so this one's never getting finished.

November in July, set pre-S3, jossed and permanently incomplete, 9000 words. )
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Firstly, the Idyll Challenge! Because we need more fic about our favorite characters in their happy places. [personal profile] dorinda describes idyll fic as stories "in which the characters are stuck in a peaceful, comfortable, well-stocked place, usually with some kind of swimming available".

There's already an AO3 collection set up, waiting for your idyll fic! Check it out! :D

And, uh, speaking of happy places--it had occurred to me a while ago that I'd like to write amnesia fic for Derek Hale because not being aware of every horrible decision he'd ever made in his life would actually, in a sad way, be his happy place. I took a crack at writing some, inspired in large part (particularly the title) by [personal profile] resonant's post about an acquaintance's experience of Total Global Amnesia.

But I got distracted from the story, as I am prone to do, and wasn't writing very quickly, and then Season 3A of Teen Wolf overtook me and jossed the story in some really unexpectedly fundamental ways. I'd mostly given it up in favor of other stories by then anyway--had actually already started an entirely different amnesia story for [community profile] hc_bingo before the worst of the jossing happened--so this one definitely isn't ever getting finished. I'm still fond of the story, though, so I thought I'd do a mini WIP amnesty and share the part I wrote. It was going to a Derek/Stiles place eventually, but it never quite got there.

Teen Wolf WIP Amnesty: The Boy in the Bubble, jossed and permanently incomplete, 7000 words. )
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This is the rest of a bit of West Wing crackfic that I began in April, back during Finals when I was feeling West Wing-obsessed and a bit crazed.

The beginning is here

And this is the rest of what got written: Three Feet Tall and Naked )

And that's it for WIP Amnesty, everybody! Thanks for being patient with me--and thanks for being so generous in your feedback to permanently unfinished stories--and I will now resume being quiet and working on something I do plan to finish. Someday. *g*
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More characterization-by-wishful-thinking from my sojourn in House. This one, I think, comes from the patch I went through where the chronic sleep deprivation started leaking all over my writing, and all stories ended happily in the sense that the protagonists got to go to sleep at the end. This one also foundered and died on my inability to write House/Wilson porn; after this I gave it up as a bad job and moved on to less intimidating pairings. *g*

House/Wilson. Pre-series. Improbably nice.

Raveled )
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So, by the time I hit House fandom, halfway through season one and months after the Christmas episode aired, the Christmas-episode-tag-porn story had already been written at least twice. I was still determined to write it again, only with offputting verisimilitude and a weird relationship dynamic (although, ha ha, now quaintly far less fucked up than canon). This stopped dead in midsentence due to my inability to write porn with that setup. It's really no wonder the first story I finished in that fandom was gen, is it?

House/Wilson, almost NC-17. But not. Post-that first season Christmas episode, with the smiling and Chinese food and piano playing, remember that? Good times.

Misrule )
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Okay, so today's post is also known as What Happened That One Time When Dira Tried To Write SGA.

This was back circa season one (which might almost explain why Rodney is calling Sheppard "John" in his POV, but mostly, I ... I have no idea. Sorry.) and I had an IDEA! for a STORY! which I spent several pages lovingly setting up and then, when I got to the part where John and Rodney actually interacted, I got bored and wandered off.

So, um, whoever it was who asked me for 100 words of John/Rodney without Rodney talking, back when I did the drabble meme? Here is why that totally cracked me up.

John/Rodney pre-slash. Season 1.

Silent Treatment )
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This was going to be step one in the development of a Sam/Jack/Daniel OT3--a Sam/Daniel story, then a Jack/Daniel story, then an OT3 story, all with titles from "Little Gidding," by T. S. Eliot, also the source of the line on my very first SG-1 icon.

Of course, I got exactly as far into this story as you will see below, realized that Sam Carter is female which makes Sam/Daniel het which means, and I really just could not get past this at the time, Sam never gets to fuck Daniel back, and then I ran screaming home to due South for a while. *g*

But I'm still rather fond of what I did manage to write, so here it is:

Sam/Daniel. Set during "A Hundred Days." Decidedly not explicit.

Midwinter Spring )
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It's kidfic Friday here at [livejournal.com profile] dsudis. This time it's the adults-transformed-into-kids variety, over in Stargate SG-1.

I think I didn't finish this one partly because I couldn't figure out whether I wanted to put them back, or have Sam and Daniel grow up with each other and the knowledge of the Stargate, raised by Jack. Back in 2004 the thought of the inevitable twincest seemed all naughty, whereas now it feels more like a selling point. Hm.

Anyway! Gen, like pretty much everything I wrote in SG-1:

SG-Wee )
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After my first ConneXions in 2004, I did a whirlwind tour of a bunch of older fandoms: Starsky & Hutch, The Professionals, Man from UNCLE. This is what happened when I mashed two of those (S&H and UNCLE) together in my brain across the timeline gap between them.

Secret Agent Boy )
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Okay, today is the last but not least of the DS WIPs: the library AU.

This one is all [livejournal.com profile] fairmer's fault: back when I was working for her, when I had first gotten into slash and was prone to, uh, uncontrollably spewing forth my thoughts on N'Sync as freedom fighters in an unspecified South American country, or Casey McCall and his aplastic anemia, or what have you, she attempted once to shut me up by saying, "I challenge you to write an AU where they're librarians."

And of course this was like putting out a fire with gasoline. I said, "Well, that would work for Fraser, his grandparents were librarians, but Ray..."

"Ray can be the homeless guy who hangs out in the library."

"No!" I said. "No! That's too mean to--hmmmm..."

Library AU )
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(Found it! And the thing about freight elevators wasn't really important, although if you have strong feelings about freight elevators, please, share.)

This is something that I still think had the potential to be really cool, if I had just gotten a brain transplant from someone good at writing tightly-plotted action-driven farce. *g*

It's a Due South/Hard Core Logo/Angel crossover, and it was going to require me to a) watch the first season of Angel all the way through, and b) make a lot of tricky characterizations work. Neither of which I had done when I sat down and banged out a string of setup scenes, so, you know, caveat lector and *facepalm* and all that.

Hard Core Logo movie spoilers behind the cut, if there's anyone left in this corner of the internet who hasn't seen it or been spoiled for it. The fourth scene has appeared previously at [livejournal.com profile] ds_flashfiction as Take the Gun.

Who the Hell? )
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This is, um. The other Due South kidfic I wanted to write, but I knew no one (except [livejournal.com profile] pearl_o!) really wanted to read this one, so I didn't write much of it.

It never did have a title so much as a string of warnings: Death-Het-Kidfic )
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Without much ado, because I'm pushing the length limit on this post, here's the kidfic I've been telling everyone about for years. 27,800 words.

Fraser/Kowalski, pre-slash, would've been NC-17 another 150,000 words down the line...

The Kid )
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And then... )

As you may have guessed if you're, um, really really paying attention to things I wrote three years ago: this is the kidfic universe of both Tea for Three and Favorite Things.
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According to the file info, this one's from April 2004 (although the file info also says [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis wrote it, which I'm fairly certain she did not, so we can take that with a grain of salt). The file, which I'd forgotten existed until I started poking through my hard drive for WIPs, was called flashdief, which I'm taking to mean that I started writing this for a flashfic challenge, though I no longer have any idea what challenge might have resulted in... this.

I'm actually also not sure why I didn't finish it: whether I decided to hang on to some dignity and not let this out into the world, or I just couldn't come up with a pithy conclusion. Since neither of those present an obstacle at this point, here you go:

Due South, F/K pre-slash.

In which Dief wishes someone would pay attention. )
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Next stop in the ongoing WIP Amnesty tour of my sex-scene-writing learning curve. This story was going to be twelve sex scenes, tracing the development of a relationship between Fraser and RayK while skipping over any parts where they actually talked in words about what they were doing, and also skipping mostly over any other parts of what they were doing in the same timeframe.

It was going to be called Sampler, after the conceit of twelve sample-sized bottles of flavored lube, and because it was, well, it was me trying out writing sex scenes every which way until I got a handle on it, just like a little girl stitching a sampler to learn the craft. Sadly, this ended up like every actual sampler I ever attempted: about a tenth finished and stuffed into a drawer somewhere.

The outline, in all its cryptically succinct glory. )

If this is sounding familiar, it may be because I actually did write up #5, Carmel Cream, as a birthdayfic for [livejournal.com profile] qe2 in 2005: Dulce Est (F/K, NC-17).

Also, and mostly irrelevantly, Getting It was the story I wrote to represent how this Fraser and Ray initially got together.

And here's the first scene and a half, which ended tragically coitus interruptus in July 2003 and never did get moving again.

Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17.

Sampler )
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This is a pretty scraggly bunch of flowers on a neglected grave, and that's about all I can say for it.

Sequel to Counting the Days. Angel/Spike, Dawn. NC-17.

14,192 words of what probably would have wound up being 50,000.

Slightly Imperfect )


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