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[personal profile] chemm80 has posted podfic of my GK PTSD babyfic, Don't You Shake Alone!

And on the other end of the story-length spectrum, knight_tracer posted podfic of my shortest Derek/Stiles story, New Moon Shine!
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Three of my shorter bandom stories have been made into podfic by [livejournal.com profile] reena_jenkins for #ITPE which ... I gather is some kind of podfic holiday exchange! *g*

Q & A (Gerard, Pete, Pete/Mikey, Summer of Like)

Bun in the Easy-Bake Oven (Pete/Patrick, Gerard/Bob, technically it's not mpreg but an outtake/epilogue from this whole long epic story I was going to write about Pete and Patrick having a baby together thanks to this alien uterine replicator thing but anyway. There are babies with two biological daddies.)

Boys At Play (Pete&Patrick)

Also, a wholeheartedly delighted Yuletide rec from someone who read the first third of 50 Shades of Grey and then gave up in disgust:

Three Shades of Steele (11321 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: 50 Shades of Grey - E. L. James
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Anastasia Steele, Anastasia's Subconscious, Anastasia's Inner Goddess, Carla Adams, Kate Kavanagh, Christian Grey

A jinn transforms Ana Steele's subconscious and inner goddess into living people. Permanently. That's the good news.

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One of the delightful things about plastering blanket podfic permission all over the place is that every so often I just discover that somebody has podficced something I wrote, and it's a delightful surprise. I've just had two such surprises!

Five Things That Never Happened to Nate Fick, read by [profile] sly_hostetter.

Being Found (sleepy Derek/Stiles PWP), read by [archiveofourown.org profile] kalakirya
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Izzady has posted podfic of the third story in my Aral/Jole series: When the Reckoning Arrives!

I have to admit it's startling to hear all the French words pronounced correctly, because that is not how they sound in my (sadly monolingual) head.
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...or, you know, at least you might want it? Anyway!

[personal profile] izzady has embarked on a podficcing project, valiantly taking on The World That You Need, my Aral/Cordelia & Aral/Jole series!

Podfics for the first two stories are up now!
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[archiveofourown.org profile] knight_tracer has recorded podfic of Primae Noctis, my Derek and Isaac gen story! :D

Meanwhile it is properly fall here: I wore a hoodie and mittens when I went running down by the lake this morning and it didn't feel like overkill until more than halfway through. And now I'm watching the Michigan-Purdue game and pretending I don't need to turn on lights because it's the middle of the afternoon, even if it is also gloomy and overcast and generally pretty dim inside my apartment. Mmmm, fall.
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So, hey, after all my many insistences that I just do not listen well enough to enjoy podfic or podcasts, it turns out that I actually kind of enjoy running (very slowly) while people talk about geeky/fannish stuff in my ears.

(Podfic turns out to be a little problematic for running purposes because I get involved in the story and can't wait until the next time I go running for more of it and then whoops I just spent all my free time for a few days rereading Stealing Harry and it's not even time for my biannual occasion of falling down the well and losing a week to HP fic. And I'm still not sure how I would do with podfic of a story I'm not already familiar with, because I do tend to zone out and miss bits.)

Anyway, so: rec me podcasts? I already have SF Squeecast and Writing Excuses, but I know there are some slash-specific fancasts? Or used to be, at least, have they trailed off? Anyway, please rec me things!
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Finally I have a Stiles icon! Now I just need a Lydia icon, and an icon of somebody smiling, and an icon that shows Derek's face, and, um, anyway.


[personal profile] glittertine has recorded the two puppy-naming stories from Every Marine a Wolfbrother: Today We Have Naming & Today We Have Naming (Camp Matilda Remix)

She also recorded my very first Derek/Stiles story, Comforter!

And [livejournal.com profile] knight_tracer has recorded my gen werewolf fairy tale story, The Metaphor That Made You!
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Two things!

1) The lovely [archiveofourown.org profile] ArwenLune has made podfic of "One to Grow On", my YAGKYAS 2011 story--which is, as you know, the most popular Doc/Brunmeier story anywhere on the internet. :D

2) So yesterday the how-to-submit-your-rough-draft instructions came through from [profile] warbigbang. The submission deadline is September 15, and since I'm 48,000 words into the Iraq wolf-verse story and the guys still haven't actually started invading Iraq... I don't think I'm getting done in the next three and a half weeks. So no [profile] warbigbang for me. :|

I think it's sort of a good thing--I was writing faster than I was figuring out how things should work, for a while there, which turns out to be really frustrating and demoralizing and can lead to things like having to slog through a lot of edits while you're still halfway through writing and falling so far into despair that you give in and start watching Teen Wolf. So now I'm figuring things out and then writing them, um, in between all the Teen Wolf. Okay, so, sort of a tossup.

Anyway. I am still writing! And I'm mostly not completely stuck, just ... frequently distracted by shiny objects and, as always with a new fandom, coming up with new story ideas far, far faster than I can ever write. Yesterday I started plotting Teen Wolf kidfic because obviously what this show needs is more teen parenthood and considerably smaller children in peril, right? Right.

So! I still hope to finish the wolf-verse Iraq fic before Yuletide, but, uh. Turns out there are wolves everywhere.
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Which is to say lots, although I will cop to being slightly embarrassed by the fact that I am so bad at paying attention to audio fic that I can only actually listen to stuff I wrote myself without losing track of what's going on. Anyway.


[personal profile] susan_voight has just posted a 7.5-hour podfic of Jigsaw, my multi-death OT4 Stargate SG-1 bigbang fic from last year.

She also kindly reuploaded the Jigsaw playlist I made when writing, which was otherwise lost with the rest of the Megaupload goodies.


[personal profile] inkjunket has posted podfic of Which in Your Case You Have Not Got and When We Used to Sing, the two wolf-verse stories (so far) that are actually set during the timespan of the miniseries, in Iraq.

As inkjunket mentions in her posts, and as I think I have been remiss in mentioning before, [personal profile] luzula has also posted podfic of What to Do After Firing, the wolf-verse story about Ray and Brad, so you can now listen to about half of the existing wolf-verse stories!
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Wolf-verse podfic ahoy! [personal profile] luzula has posted podfic of "What to Do After Firing", the Brad/Ray post-multiple-breeding wolf-verse story. If you've never read any of the Every Marine a Wolfbrother stories but listening might be more your thing, this one is not a bad place to start!
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[livejournal.com profile] quintenttsy has recorded a podfic of my Doctor Who story, "The Box Below"!


And in a totally unrelated development, tonight's work on my SG-1 bigbang story has taught me this valuable lesson:

Any time you think that you can simplify a story by sending Jack O'Neill to Narnia, even just for a few minutes, you should probably look down and identify the very narrow ledge you have wandered out onto, and then you should move expeditiously back to the nearest window and get the hell inside. Because, in fact, no. No you can't.


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