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I'm doing a give-me-topics meme, and I have several days left, so feel free to ask away!

February 3: [livejournal.com profile] chelletoo asked, What was your first fandom and how involved are you still in it?

There are a few answers to this!

My first fandom that I participated in online, shared with real-life friends, and wrote fic for was The X-Files, starting right around the premiere of Season 3 in 1995. I gave up on writing fic, and mostly stopped reading it, after a year or so, when my canon-consistency-loving heart was broken by trying to keep fic in line with a canon that was not in line with itself half the time. Also of course I was going to be a Serious Writer and I had a novel to work on. I kept watching the show and squeeing about it with Iulia for years afterward (although the squee declined considerably toward the end). My current level of involvement is "sometimes but not always reblog when it comes across my Tumblr dash."

The first fandom of my continuous involvement in slash fandom--the one where I got my name, Dira--was popslash, although I never wrote in it and deleted the LJ I used to participate in it due to interpersonal drama. But it brought me to fandom and gave me my name, so &popslash;. My current level of involvement is "...is that still a thing? Huh. I wonder what those guys are up to these days."

The first fandom where I posted fic online and other people read it was Buffy. This is also where I got the Sudis part of my name, so it's the real start of my current fannish identity. My current level of involvement is "sometimes but not always reblog when it comes across my Tumblr dash."

But I think none of these is really the true answer, because the first fandom of my heart, the one that was really formative--and the one that came first chronologically, if we allow me trying to be like my big brother by literally stealing his books when he wasn't looking as a fannish act--was the Vorkosigan Saga. This was the first fandom that I was really involved in in terms of being part of a community and getting to know people--fic wasn't a big part of the mailing list at the time I was first participating, c.1995-1999, so I didn't write fic, but I began relationships that still persist to this day. Just the other day I had a Listie background-checking someone I was going to stay with via another Listie, because Listie family never quits. I am still writing Vorkosigans fic, and the Vorkosigan Saga will always be a huge huge part of my fannish heart.


Aug. 23rd, 2010 09:39 pm
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Well, that only took a year. (I exaggerate: it took 11 months and 9 days.) But now my whole website (except for some number of variously obscure pages that I decided to leave as monuments to my 1997-style hand-coding) is updated all nicely into one of the lovely templates from Lim's website kit.


Next: Using LibraryThing to assign Dewey call numbers to all my non-fiction books.

No, wait, sorry, that is wrong.

Next: Some sort of beverage with vodka in it; possibly attempting to figure out how to make a FanLore page for Helen's Guerillas series for the Pink Sparkly Hearts challenge. (It doesn't even have an actual NAME, as a series.)

(Also, I just went and reread the bit about Justin's shoes, because I could not remember exactly why I spent several months randomly saying or having other people say, HIS LITTLE SHOES! But. HIS LITTLE SHOES! Did other people do that, with the randomly exclaiming about HIS LITTLE SHOES! weeks or months after reading the story with the thing with the shoes, or indeed after you had given up all hope of ever getting the bit of the story where Justin and Joey actually finally Do It?

Man, now I'm going to have to go reread the last one--did Joey and Justin ever actually finally Do It?)
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Woke up this morning feeling strangely wide-awake, and, remembering my resolution to wake up better by watching TV during snooze intervals, grabbed the remote. After finally finding out what the hell is going on in that Nickelback video (does it loop, or did VH1 really show it twice in a row this morning?) I flipped to MTV, where they were talking to Justin, about, of course, the Superbowl thing. And of course he said, no, it was an accident (his defense being basically "Dude, I don't need publicity like this. I'm already having a great year.") and then they went back to the anchor, who announced that, due to all the hubbub, JC's been yanked from the Pro Bowl halftime show.

Also, he pronounced Chasez wrong.

So that was my moment of sparkly outrage for the day, because, wtf? Justin and JC are subject to the same latent mind control programming and will both be triggered by performing solo at large-audience halftime shows? Plus, they're replacing JC with hula dancers and drummers, which is just sad and lame.

hee! they think JC's a zatarg! only programmed for nudity instead of assassination.
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So, I was all excited. Wednesday I ordered Hard Core Logo and Men With Brooms from amazon.ca, and Thursday they shipped, and yesterday I got a little notification that there was a package from Amazon Canada that had to be signed for, so I should go to the post office and pick it up. Wow, I thought. That was fast. I hope it's not that defective Due South tape I sent back being returned undeliverable.

Oh, no. See, it's funnier than that. So I get out of bed on a Saturday morning, all psyched because I get to watch Canadian movies instead of studying for my Weather final, and I go stand in line at the post office, and I get... a little package I've never seen before, labeled 'VHS Tape'. See, my returned tape got to the Amazon.ca people, and they opened it up, and they saw that it was a defective tape that I had sent to them to replace, you know, because I didn't want it. And they saw also that it was only part of a set. So they packed it up and they paid to ship it back to me. A defective tape that they had already replaced that I obviously didn't want back.

And, being sneaky Canadian types, they made me sign for it.

Hem. In the spirit of still feeling the Canada-love even if I can't watch an entire movie about curling... Canadia by V. It's AU boyband slash, so that instead of being a boyband they're just five guys hanging out in, I think, Toronto. At which point, even if you don't like RPS, you can just read it as a slash story with a funny naming scheme. Plus, they're Canadian! Watching hockey and hanging out at Tim Horton's.

Okay. Feel better now.


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