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1) My new book is out! :D

A werewolf who's spent his life without a pack meets a werewolf whose pack is the only reason he's alive. When these opposites attract, they both find out what they've been missing all along.

(Which is to say werewolf!Alec Hardison Brody gets a pack, and Nick gets a boyfriend! :D)

It's #3 in the Protection of the Pack series, and right now the whole series is on sale for 99 cents each! And if you would like to see what people other than me are saying about it, check out this tumblr post where I collected a few of my favorites.

2) I'm moving to Evanston tomorrow. O.O I've already turned in the cable box & modem for my apartment here, so I'm hanging out in my local coffee shop with a friend who lives in the neighborhood, enjoying a last few hours of wi-fi before tomorrow, when I will hopefully get U-verse installed promptly after my (and the movers') arrival. Fingers crossed that all of that timing works out. O________O

3) I cut down to like 26 blogs followed on Tumblr in the run-up to Civil War and in the face of my own lack of wherewithal to deal with same. But Civil War turned out to be pretty great for my purposes, and I am back to fearing no spoilers for a while, and enjoying a bit more flexibility in how I spend my time now that the dayjob is no more, and I've added back about... three? of the 80-some tumblrs I unfollowed. It's kind of soothing, having a comparatively quiet dash. (Which in turn seems to lead to me actually doing some blogging there, which I probably ought to link here?)

4) I think it's time to go get a brownie.
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So the main thing about the two days I just spent at my grandmother's funeral observances is that it was the first big family gathering I was present for after telling my parents and siblings that I'm quitting my job this spring to write full time and relocating to Chicagoland to be closer to my family (Iulia, mainly, but it does also shave an hour or two off the drive to Michigan).

So this made the "So what's new with you?" conversations REALLY fun.

Guy Cousin R (Late 30s, good friend of Brother #2):

Me: Well, I'm moving to Chicago. No, not for a library job, I'm quitting my library job and I'll be writing full time.
R: Oh, wow! What do you write?
Me (having considered the simplest way to explain this without encouraging anyone to actually read them): Trashy romance novels, self-published on Amazon.
R (grinning, entertained): So, smut?
Me: Yeah, pretty much. It's surprisingly lucrative!

Uncle D (R's stepfather, who married my aunt when I was a teenager):

Uncle D: Hey, come here! (Tows me into the hall; this is to my knowledge possibly the second actual conversation I have ever had just with him.) I hear you're a writer!
Me: Uh, yeah, as a hobby for a long time, and I just started self-publishing last year.
Uncle D: That is so great! I had no idea you were a writer, I've never known a writer before!
Me: (Briefly contemplates the fact that Uncle D is himself a working artist and the only creative professional I knew of when I was a kid, and when I was in grade school I interviewed him for a "what I want to be when I grow up" report because 'artist' was the closest I could get to 'writer' and maybe I should tell him all of that. Total fail in the face of his slightly terrifying earnest enthusiasm.)
Uncle D: So where is your stuff, how can I buy it?
Me: Uh, well, it's on Amazon, but it's... romance...
Uncle D: Oh, wow! How does that work?
Me: (Starts to explain the mechanics of self-publishing)
Uncle D: Oh, so you don't go through a publisher or anything? Wow, I had no idea that was possible! You know, that's how that Martian guy got started--

Uncle D (After we have exhausted the topic of The Martian and how great it is): So you really don't want me to read your stuff?
Me: It's, uh, it's just not your genre. But with writing full time, maybe I'll be able to also write some stuff that would be a little more... mainstream.
Uncle D: Yeah! Let me know! That's so great!
Me: (finally flees to bathroom)

Cousin J (Early 40s, engineer married to an engineer, mother of three):

Me: ("moving to Chicago" "writing full time" "trashy romances")
Cousin J: Wow, that's cool! You know, K (her 11-year-old daughter) likes to write. She wrote this whole thing in notebooks and she's just started typing it up, and--I don't know anything, it's, uh--it's called--
Me: (Aww, K writes fanfic that's adorable)
Cousin J: Fanfiction? Is that...?
Me: Yeah, yeah, I've written my fair share of that. (Trying to think of what fandom is probably big with tweens) Is there are thing she writes it about?
Cousin J: Harry Potter...?
Me: Yep, yeah, there's a lot of that.
Cousin J: And there's something else... Hey, K! (Beckons 11-year-old over to us) Hey, Cousin Dira writes books, and I was just telling her you do too.
K: I don't write books.
Me: No, no, fanfic.
K: (blank look, then) Fan fiction.
Cousin J (still cheerfully enthusiastic): Yeah, you have that thing you write--you showed me that website where you upload--
Me: (Aww, I hope K's on the AO3 and not...)
K: fanfiction dot net.
Me: (Oh, kids. Bless.)

Brother #2 (in the car on the way to the actual funeral):

Me: ...So there's no cover art or anything yet, but the vampire book is coming out July 20. The ebook is actually available for pre-order, but the paperback isn't yet.
Brother #2: Well, I don't think I'm gonna read it, but I'll definitely buy a copy and display it proudly.
Me: (<3)


Mar. 19th, 2016 07:07 pm
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My mom called me at 6:30 this morning to tell me that my grandmother had died. And--despite having asked for (and gotten!) advice on Twitter several days ago on what the correct response to that sentence ("Grandma passed this morning.") is, I said "okay" exactly like I did five years ago when my grandfather died.

I did manage to quickly pivot to "I'm so sorry. How are you doing?" so good job me.

(Mom's okay. I'm okay. Grandma had been basically perfectly healthy and then a week and a half ago she abruptly wasn't, and here we are. She was less than two years younger than Steve Rogers--and came to 2016 the long way--so that's a pretty damn good run.)

There's actually going to be a funeral (my paternal grandparents did not have funerals, and also both died right before Christmas, which made their deaths weird non-events) so I'm flying home for a couple of days this week. I'll get to see everyone, and go through all the familiar forms, and properly mark the occasion of becoming entirely grandparentless. So I've got that going for me.

(Also: when my mother called, I was almost awake, because I had spent the night on [personal profile] iulia's couch in order to babysit for Young Miss Mentis for a few hours this morning while Iulia and B went to an early appointment. So after getting this news, I got to go upstairs and get a hug from Iulia and then cuddle, change, and feed The Happiest Baby In The World. Which is also something I've got going for me.

And now to eat Chinese food and read my current most comforting portrayal of determined, deliberate coping in Cap 2 fandom: This, You Protect.)


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