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1. I posted flashfic over at [community profile] sherlock_flashfic!

It's Sherlock/John (though with discussion of various wartime experiences of John's), PG-13-ish, 1100 words: Time Flies Like a Bullet.

2. The Stargate SG-1 OT4 fic!

40,653 words
6 scenes to go (plus epilogues)
10 days until the [community profile] stargate_summer rough draft deadline

I can do this, right? I CAN TOTALLY DO THIS.
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Hey, so I decided I needed a one-night break from writing Vorkosigan fic, and [personal profile] renenet told me to write Sherlock fic, so I did. [personal profile] iulia and [livejournal.com profile] misspamela also cheered me on, and [personal profile] omphale kindly betaed, and here it is.

Sherlock/John. Explicit. 2100 words.
John opened his eyes and Sherlock was there.

Turn Up the Signal (Wipe Out the Noise) )
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[personal profile] iulia came up this weekend to celebrate my birthday with me. We started off by being incredibly adventurous and going ice skating. I hadn't been in well over six years, and it had been nearly as long for her, but we were both back to roughly our old forms pretty quickly. (Which is to say, I was just as wobbly as ever.)

Weirdly, it seems that slowing down, to a stop if necessary, isn't just a cautious-skater tic, it's an actual skill that I have and Iulia, who can skate backwards and cross over and all that, finds really difficult. So as ever we have complementary skills. I'm good at stopping skating, and she is good at all the other parts of skating. *g*

Also, it turns out that when you're skating on a 400-meter/quarter-mile speed skating track you can do a lot of skating without thinking you've done much at all. This is excellent fun except for all of the weird skating-only muscle strains you won't notice until later.

After ice skating we watched football (oh, Wolverines. good try.) and then went out to see Life As We Know It, which was pretty much exactly the rom-com kidfic movie we were both expecting. Afterward we went and got dinner and, as I had already proposed it ages ago, we wracked our brains to figure out which fandom it could be most successfully AU'd to. We eventually settled on it as a Neville/Draco story, and then spent a lot of time working out details.

I briefly tried to fit it to Sherlock, and then realized that "people with nothing in common who don't like each other much but have to move in together to raise a baby" is pretty much just canon plus a baby. Except you'd have to kill Mycroft to get Sherlock to take the baby, and also Mycroft would have to have had a baby and just, no. This led to us coming home and watching the first episode of Sherlock, and then today we watched a little bit of the second episode and all of the third.

And then we discussed Sherlock/John a bit. )
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This is my first full week at the permanent location of my new job (...did I mention the new job? surely I mentioned the new job) and I have to work Saturday, which means I have tomorrow off. So... sort of the weekend, sort of still the work-week. I get to sleep in tomorrow, is the main thing.

With numbers, so I don't have to think of transitions:

1. I get to sleep in tomorrow and then go (indoor) climbing, which I have been too exhausted or otherwise discombobulated to do any earlier in the week. I went for the first time on Saturday (hooray local Groupon!) and promptly came home and joined [community profile] disobey_gravity, because that is what a fangirl does when she finds something awesome. She joins the relevant comm. ♥

(It was exhausting and daunting and I fell a lot, but that is what the harness and rope and padded floor are for! And, you know--climbing on things! My inner bookcase-scaling toddler cannot get over being actively encouraged to climb on things.)

2. I shall not mention when, exactly, I have been having periods of time on my hands with access to the internet but not the freedom to visit overtly fannish sites, but the point is: I have been reading Arthur Conan Doyle courtesy of Project Gutenberg. No spoilers, just rambling. )

3. Speaking of writing/head-exploding, I have just made what I think is the fourth start on the Aral/Jole story. Writing is hard, dog bites man, etc.

(Seriously though--I am trying to write Aral Vorkosigan coming to terms, emotionally, with honest polyamory. I BET DRINKING WOULD HELP.)

3a. I tell myself the worst bedtime stories. )

4. So it turns out I'm pretty much making a living wage now. Recent Amazon purchases include: Private Investigator Varg Veum: The Complete First Series (Uhh... sure. Call it whatever you want, it's the first six Varg Veum movies in shiny Region 1 DVD!), I Spy Season 1 (I am officically un-adopting Bill Cosby as my TV Dad. He is too mind-bendingly hot as Scotty. I cannot cope. By which I mean, I LOVE THEM.), and, uh...

One other thing which I feel kind of sheepish about buying. )

5. Awesome, amazing trailer for Stargate SG-1: The Movie. I really need to go rewatch all ten seasons right now.

6. That reminds me, [personal profile] kuwdora has made a wonderful Castle vid! Suddenly I See is three solid minutes of all the parts of Castle I generally want to draw big sparkly hearts around. (And, yes, it is even safe for my brother to watch.) Highly recommended for being full of awesomeness.
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... )

Aaaand so after work today I checked out a copy of A Study in Scarlet and read just enough of it to catch some references in 1x03. ♥♥♥
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I had a sudden and somewhat unusual impulse tonight to stop resisting watching things everyone is telling me I will love, so I finally watched MCR's Danger Days trailer (oh boys) and now I am half an hour into the first episode/movie/unit of Sherlock.

Yyyyyeah, so I was hooked inside the first two and a half minutes. &Watson;

Please feel free to offer advice on where on earth one starts, with the fic. I confess myself a little daunted. Also, I know there have been awesome vids and I only saved a link to Lim's "Dry," so recs for those are also appreciated.

And now, somebody seems to be in peril, so I shall get back to watching.


(Awww, Sherlock, you're not really a psychopath, are you? You're just ... Sherlock Holmes. ♥)


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