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1) So to make a long and boring story short, on Thursday and Friday I thought I had medication side effects and on Saturday it became obvious that I had a cold and as it turns out being sick sucks and is boring. It was the first time in a while that I got the crushing fatigue aspect of being sick, which was frustrating and ruined my fun weekend plans (did not see Pacific Rim AND did not get to play board games), but I am sufficiently over it now to be going back to work. Partly from sheer boredom.

2) Thanks to the above I have listened to the first 11 or 12 episodes of Welcome to Night Vale, and it's... odd. I mean, obviously the podcast itself is deliberately and performatively odd, but also my reaction to it. I will probably like it better if I go and read a lot of fic and get really invested in Cecil and Carlos, but on the strength of the thing itself it's just falling into the nonplussed area in my brain where absurd humor goes, because I keep trying to make it make sense, and it strenuously resists sense-making.

I mean, I can't build an interior model of Cecil. I can't see how his mind works, or how anyone's mind works in Night Vale. It doesn't make sense. It also doesn't have any embarrassment squick to it, unlike a lot of the humor that makes me cringe, so instead it just... baffles me, on whatever level. I keep listening to it like maybe this time I will understand. But probably what I should do is stop now and go read fic. Please feel free to tell me which fic I should go read.

3) Then I was seized by a fit of longing for Castle, which, not-coincidentally, I got hooked on while stuck home with the flu for most of a week. That's a good show and I like it and it makes me happy, you guys. The ladies have shiny hair and generally don't die! People are generally not revealed to have suffered mind-numbing levels of trauma for stupid reasons!

So then I started trying to figure out how to do a Teen Wolf Castle AU, and my brain locked up on which way to cast it: Stiles the goofy mystery writer and his grumpy detective muse Derek, or Derek the grumpy serious mystery writer and Stiles his (seemingly) happy-go-lucky muse. Either way, Allison is in Espo's place as the Army veteran sniper detective, which makes me incredibly happy.

4) So then I did the logical thing and finally started watching Elementary. THIS IS ALSO A GOOD SHOW WHICH MAKES ME HAPPY. I am three episodes in and ♥ ♥ ♥

But I do suspect that, like Castle, it's going to be a show where I get what I want from the show and I can just sit and watch it and feel happy because, look! Joan and Sherlock being Joan and Sherlock! Look at how much Jeff Davis is not in charge of this show! This pleases me. ♥

5) So yeah, last night's Teen Wolf. It was actually... pretty good? Like, a good episode of Teen Wolf, not breaking the curve or anything, but after the last several weeks that was really confusing and I'm not sure what to do with it. Some things I liked! )

So in conclusion they will probably ruin it all next week but right now I am actually feeling all warm and fuzzy toward my show. Oh show. You got me.


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