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(Although, apropos of my icon, I have also started catching up on season 5 of Criminal Minds.)

Okay, a) this was possibly my favorite episode ever and b) possibly a spoiler, depending on your perspective. )
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1) Since I have reason to suspect that angels in showers are relevant to the interests of many of you, you may want to go read [livejournal.com profile] cristalia's The Parable of the Shower.

The angel of the LORD cometh upon you in the shower at the worst possible moment: one hand placed upon thy right buttock and the other bearing soap, radio blaring, humming a heathen song of sin.

Fear not! he proclaimeth from the vicinity of the shampoo caddy, and the soap falleth from thy hand.

2) Last night I actually got to watch The Mentalist when it was actually on television, for the very first time! A Price Above Rubies )

3) So hey, Criminal Minds on Wednesday. Team! And a slightly grumpy thought. )

4) I am going to see The Nutcracker tomorrow. It will be the first time I've ever seen a ballet other than, you know, Center Stage. I still haven't decided what to wear.
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I missed last week's Criminal Minds due to driving to Michigan for a weekend of drinking, not getting sick, and not writing, all in the excellent company of some of my favorite people.

So I watched it tonight, and, well now.

I abuse punctuation a little and then Iulia accuses me of being predictable )

PS, that ellipsis under the cut tag? All shoved up next to the word to the left of it? Is kind of killing me right now. I maybe have been doing too much proofreading lately.

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Oh, hey!

Sep. 1st, 2009 10:20 pm
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I remembered the other thing that made me angry at the Criminal Minds finale!

I will cut to spare most of my flist the ARRRRRGH )

Also, this post at the Urbanophile blog - Detroit: Urban Laboratory and New American Frontier - really illustrates what struck me as wrong, visually, about the representation of Detroit on the show (which I didn't expect them to get right, so I am not actually angry about this part).

Detroit is empty. Detroit is vacant. Detroit can't support a big-box supermarket anywhere in the city (or at least, at this point, they've all closed and the city can't persuade one to open). Detroit is 900,000 people scattered over almost 140 square miles. They coined the term urban prairie for the expanses of vacant lots in Detroit. I will grant you I have not been hanging out in the Cass Corridor--and I will grant you they tried to explain and/or hang a lantern on it by talking about the homeless people all being clustered together--but you just don't see crowds of people on the streets of Detroit. That, more than anything, looked wrong.

But nothing makes it okay to show characters driving around in the hulking American-made SUVs only the federal government can afford to buy and run anymore, talking about how the bailout's not going to be enough to save this city.

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I was all set to continue in the vein of my last post about the finale.

Spoilers of the massive variety. )

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Aug. 28th, 2009 01:55 pm
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Home from work and watching the two-part finale of Criminal Minds from last season. I've only made it 7 and a half minutes in and it is time for a little Geography lesson.

It's a lesson about Michigan Geography, so you don't even need a map! You just need to look down at your left hand (palm down).

Lower Michigan looks kind of like that. We call it the mitten. All around the outside of your hand are borders defined by rivers and lakes. Draw a line across the base of your hand and everything south of that is Indiana (toward the pinky finger) or Ohio (toward the thumb).

Detroit (a place you may have heard of!) is located halfway along the first bone of your thumb: halfway between your wrist and the knuckle, right on the edge of the mitten.

Port Huron, a place you probably have not heard of, is located at the middle joint, below your thumbnail, also right at the edge of the mitten.

Depending on what part of Detroit and what part of Port Huron we're talking about, this is a distance of about sixty miles. It's a pretty straight shot on I-94 and there's not much traffic at night, but still: SIXTY MILES. Trust me, I know, I grew up near Port Huron and went to high school near Detroit and the commute between them is burned permanently into my brain.

Now! Detroit and Port Huron have some things in common. Each is a city on the edge of the mitten, beside a river. Detroit is on the Detroit River. Port Huron is on the St. Clair River. Neither of these rivers is very wide, and on the opposite sides of these rivers, in both cases, is a mystical land called Canada, represented in the mitten diagram by the empty space next to your left hand.

In Detroit, you cross the Ambassador Bridge or take the [does it have a name?] Tunnel to cross the Detroit River into a city called Windsor in the province of Ontario, in the mystical land of Canada.

In Port Huron, you cross the Blue Water Bridge (there are now two of it and they don't match, it's kind of stupid, but it's all the Blue Water Bridge) into a city called Sarnia in the province of Ontario, in the mystical land of Canada.

Even if, for some very good or perhaps totally crazy reason, you decided to drive the sixty miles from the Cass Corridor in downtown Detroit to the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron in order to cross into Canada and dispose of a body, when you get across the border from Port Huron you will not be in Windsor. And if you decide to drive sixty miles with a body in your trunk instead of 0.6 miles, that had better be a plot point.


I'm going to go see how much more of the episode I can watch before I come back and rant at the internet some more about people being wrong on the television. I have a feeling Prentiss and Morgan's visit to Detroit might make a vein pop out of my forehead.

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I am struggling mightily with the #3 story from the bandom-stories-I'll-never-write poll: In Which Bob Wakes Up With Ladyparts. I suspect it's because I so desperately wish I had actually written it, or were actually writing it right now. God damn I love this story a lot, and I really wasn't expecting it to do that well in the poll. /o\

Also, my streak of not breaking things or harming myself came to an abrupt end earlier when I totally destroyed my under-cabinet paper towel holder. But I still haven't drawn blood and I never liked that paper towel holder anyway, so hooray for me.

In other important household occurrences, a couple of weeks ago I bought a bottle of bleach and a spray bottle and ever since I have been discovering that - NEWSFLASH - dilute bleach works really really well to clean things that are discolored in some way! It's like the time I figured out how much better ironing works if you use the steam setting. Honest to God, next I'm going to discover fire or the written word or something.

OH AND. I just watched episode 4x24 of Criminal Minds, Amplification )

In conclusion: OH TEAM ILU.

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Help me, internets! I think the ep of Criminal Minds may have been a slightly truncated file. Does anybody remember watching ep 4x22, "The Big Wheel," (the one from toward the end of last season, with the OCD perp and the blind kid). Did it end very abruptly at the point where spoilers of MISERY. )

In related news, while the whole moral ambiguity what-is-evil-really sympathy-for-the-bad-guys nuance thing is one of the things I love about Criminal Minds, HOLY FUCK IT'S CREEPY SOMETIMES.

PS I still love you, Varg. I just have not figured out what the hell to do with my impulse to write moderately smarmy gen about you and Hamre. /o\
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I find myself not wanting to post little things I otherwise might, because then I will have to endure the Herculean task of copying and pasting and retyping the subject line and hitting 'post' all over again. My life, so hard.


Soooo this morning in the shower I started scripting Dean and Castiel having a minor theological debate while naked. (Spoiler: Castiel wins.) I feel a lot worse about the theology than the nudity. Um, not that I'm writing it or anything.

Also, in case you were wondering, the current preferred translation for Gideon Bibles is the NKJV.

ALSO! It is now middle-to-late April, which MEANS! NHL PLAYOFF SEASON!

The Caps lost last night, probably because I was not able to watch the game (curse my cable package!), but I will attempt to do better for the Red Wings' first game tonight. As soon as I figure out what to wear (obv. what I wore last season worked, at least for last season--but this year I've had some luck wearing the jersey! I JUST DON'T KNOW.)

Also also also: thanks to [personal profile] grrliz who breaks it all down into very small words with illustrations and arrows, I now have a pretty pretty journal layout over at Dreamwidth! Where by pretty I of course mean black text on white with some little black outlines. Mmmm minimalism. Also, Oh God I wish it were that easy to make my website look that nice. Aaaagh, website. ETA: Actually, I guess it's gray on white, isn't it? Anyway.

Also^4, all my peeps who watch Criminal Minds (especially those who spent last week's ep clutching their hearts for REID OMG) should go watch the beautiful Reid vid, Day Carry Night by [livejournal.com profile] tearful_eye. REEEEEEEID. And also a really well done vid with a strong sense of motion to a slow-paced song, but mostly, REEEEEEEEID.

Okay. I think that's everything I'd been wanting to post. Now off to hit Post twice.
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On an unrelated note, I am now completely caught up with Criminal Minds, which means I watched the middle of S3 today, and now all I want to write is the story where Penelope and Kevin have a relationship just open enough to accommodate her having sex with Morgan.
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I... seriously have too many fandoms. I am thisclose to rolling dice to decide which thing, in which universe, to work on.
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Five more drabbles!

[livejournal.com profile] thelionforreal asked for girlfriend in a coma! which is a really epic, epic, epic Pete/Patrick idea I have had kicking around for the last eight months or so. This drabble would make a lot more sense if you knew the whole story, but hopefully Missi will like it.

Girlfriend in a Coma )

[livejournal.com profile] missmollyetc FOOLISHLY demanded SPENCER REID/MIKEY WAY and I think what I wrote makes a lot more sense if you go look at how the stick people became extinct and realize that I referred to Reid/Mikeyway to someone else as a fire hazard, and THEN Molly asked for a drabble. So. Yeah, then this happened.

Hazard )

[livejournal.com profile] browngirl asked for Any/some/all of Gwen, Martha, Ianto, and/or Tosh, and a quiet moment between disasters.

A Moment to Breathe )

[livejournal.com profile] annakovsky asked for Charlie/Ted prison sex!

Ineffable )

[livejournal.com profile] revelininsanity wanted to see what would happen if Spencer Reid and Charlie Crews met(pref. while working a case).

Just Not Right )
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More drabbles, and more fandoms this time:

[livejournal.com profile] misspamela wanted Supernatural! Something about Bobby!

The Third Sunday in June )

[livejournal.com profile] mclachlan asked for Torchwood, Jack/Ianto - Jack discovers Ianto is a timelord.

Nobody Dies at This Time )

[livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis requested Doctor Who! DoctorDonnafriends!

Just the Claps )

[livejournal.com profile] strangecobwebs wanted the bandom/Criminal Minds crossover of my heart: Spencer/Spencer! Smith trying to explain...something...to Reid!

Hard to Explain )
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I just watched "The Instincts" and "Memoriam" and I have only one thing to say:



PS Okay, so clearly Gideon was the dad and Hotch was the mom; is Rossi like the stepdad who they call by his first name?
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The vids-I-would-make-if-days-were-suddenly-thirty-six-hours-long-and-I-did-not-decide-to-take-up-knitting-instead list is now up to eighteen (counting the Lion King one, the two that are for the same song in different fandoms, and the truly embarrassing ones).

The latest: a Criminal Minds vid to Gym Class Heroes' "7 Weeks" (feat. William Beckett). NOT, AS SOME PEOPLE MIGHT ASSUME, BY USING THE SONG FROM THE POV OF AN UNSUB.

It is a vid all about how they are rockstar profilers! And all the things that are sort of 'bawwww, cry moar' from dudes in bands become genuinely 'dude, your life is hard' from people who are doing it to save lives. Also, 'a whole subculture of boys riding around in vans ... looking for your daughters' means something totally different when they are looking for your daughters in order to rescue them from serial killers. I am just saying.

Lyrics, for people who do not believe me yet are willing to be persuaded. Or are really bored. )

This post brought to you by watching the end of S3 and beginning of S4 and realizing that Will has just signed up to be a BAU widow and I hope he knows what he's getting himself into.
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It's not that I had a dream this morning about characters from Criminal Minds, because I didn't, exactly.

I had a dream about reading Criminal Minds fic. Specifically, post-S2 Jason Gideon/Sean Hotchner.

This somehow struck me as COMPLETELY BRILLIANT AND THE ONE TRUE GIDEON PAIRING, and I wanted to stop reading the fic I was reading - which was good, but not exactly what I wanted, and also included a red-headed OFC portrayed by Debra Messing, possibly because my subconscious was confusing Dharma and Greg and Will and Grace - so I could go write my own.

I... I got nothing, you guys. I guess... at least they're both fictional characters from the same show?
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After being at [livejournal.com profile] strangecobwebs' place for almost 36 hours, I am in the middle of plotting a Spencer Smith/Spencer Reid crossover complete from meet-cute to Spencer Reid's huge cock.


Spencer Smith is a little bit jealous; he's in a world-famous band and THEY don't have their own jet.


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