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[community profile] fan_flashworks has a Five Things challenge going, so I took the opportunity to offload several AUs (I swear) I am never going to write fully.

Nate/Brad, mostly. 3100 words. One death, one apocalypse, semi-explicit sex for money, Life on Mars (UK) spoilers in part 4.

Many thanks to [personal profile] iulia, [personal profile] oliviacirce, [personal profile] riverlight and everyone else who listened while I worked out waaaaay too many AU scenarios.

To the best of my knowledge Nate has never needed a hooker's help to solve a mystery, played pro hockey, taken Holy Orders, suffered a head injury and woken up in 1973, or survived the apocalypse. But I'm sure he'd be good at all of those things if the situation arose.

Five Things That Never Happened to Nate Fick
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From tvshowsondvd:

The original U.K. hit, "Life on Mars - Series 1", has been announced for DVD release in the USA...just in time for ABC's State-side version to get canceled!


ETA: Not on Amazon yet, but ahahaha why did I not know about this before now? ♥
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1) I am suffering this horrible temptation to watch the American Life on Mars, even though its mere existence makes me angry and I'm sure it's going to be horrible.

This weekend I figured out why while watching a promo for it: It's basically like badfic. It's not going to really resemble the source material--it's pretty much going to rape the source material--but it's MORE SAM AND GENE. And I really want more Sam and Gene. /o\

2) So, there's a new Robin McKinley Book out! Chalice! And I finished reading it today and at the end I had pretty much one thought: and here it is! )
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I know I've been way out of the loop on all things Life on Mars, but--what the actual fuck.

I mean, the trailer is bad enough.

But then I found this in the Wikipedia article for Life on Mars (U.S. TV series):
According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, Rachelle Lefèvre has been cast as the female lead of "the lone female detective in the department" who "forges a mystic bond with the mysterious detective and teams with him to track a serial killer".

And I actually almost did throw up a little bit in my mouth.

Though I suppose (not-)Sam and (not-)Annie's interpentetrating spirit animals could be good for a horrified sort of laugh.
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Because there is in fact no such thing as enough BBC in my life, I (finally) watched the entire second series of Life on Mars this weekend, and I would just like to say: one thing )
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None of the shows I watch in real-time (or, well, in torrent-delayed real time, or torrent- and attention-span-delayed real time, or... anyway) is airing new episodes right now. I imprinted largely on dead shows, so it mostly just feels like time to catch my breath (i.e. watch more CSI: New York!) but, anyway. Everything is (allegedly) coming back in the next month:

Life on Mars - March 13 (UK)
Bones        - March 14
Regenesis    - April 1 (Canada)
Standoff     - April 6
Numb3rs      - April 6 ETA: actually, March 9!

Remember Standoff? Ron Livingston, Gina Torres, Michael Cudlitz, big guns, hostage situations, etc.? That's the one I'm kind of watching recede infinitely into the distance: Fox announced it was moving to Friday 8pm, and initially said it was coming back in "Early March," then last week it was March 30, and as of now it's April 6. It's anyone's guess whether they'll actually go through the formality of airing it in the Timeslot of Dooooooom before killing it, but, hey, there's always room for one more slender little DVD set...


That is all.
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[livejournal.com profile] lynnmonster is doing assorted Heroes crossover comment-fics. I don't know Heroes, but made a request anyway (ReGenesis, which Lynn wasn't as familiar with as I thought.) Lynn generously wrote me something else, something ENTIRELY UNBELIEVABLY BRILLIANT: Heroes on Mars.

It made me flail with its awesomeness even without knowing anything about Hiro; I'm sure knowing him would only make it better. Also, I am kind of in love with Hiro, now. <3 <3 <3

So go! Read!

Alternately, if you are feeling more like just staring at a pretty, pretty picture: Rob Morrow looking really, really good over at [livejournal.com profile] r_morrow_daily.

I am totally fascinated by this picture. Not just the hotness of Rob; it looks like art to me. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

May May.

May. 30th, 2006 10:42 pm
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Things what I have discovered:

Netflix = teh crack. I realize everyone else knew this. I knew it myself, in an intellectual way, which is why I didn't get it until school was (almost) over, but dear god. It's kind of embarrassing how often I go and stare at my queue, not with any intention of rearranging any of the ninety-five items, but just to enjoy knowing that I will get to see all these things. Movies where things blow up! Movies where people where pretty clothes and curtsey and ride horses! Season four of Farscape!

Public libraries! Are filled with books! Okay, I already knew this one, but it had been a while since it was actually meaningful, but then I got (via INTERLIBRARY LOAN, because I know how the system works and WILL NOT BE STOPPED) Leave Myself Behind, which was recced by [livejournal.com profile] misspamela and was great fun in the specific sense of being a book written in a very authentic teenaged-boy voice. So, y'know, sometimes you want to hit the narrator with a skillet, but it's fun. Related discovery: It's not just people on LJ who write about boys falling in love.

If you watch too much West Wing all at once it does funny things to your brain! Or at least, to my brain. [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis, with whom I watched the entirety of season six this weekend, informs me that it didn't make her spend an entire shower pondering Peak Oil. But in my defense, I feel that the question of "Who should Josh have sex with?" is easily answered and requires very little pondering: all of the above.

Holy crap, Farscape! [livejournal.com profile] iuliamentis is patiently dragging me through the series (I forget how much I love it until we're actually watching it), though with judicious skipping. I can't figure out whether season three would have been more or less or differently ZOMG if we had watched more (um. any?) Moya episodes, but. *flails*

They don't give out DCI badges in lucky bags. I still don't know what the hell a lucky bag is, but Gene is the MAN.

ETA: Today is May 30! Which means tomorrow Amazon will bring me Numb3rs on DVD! BLOOPER REEL!
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So, two things.

Firstly: Sam Tyler is my TV boyfriend. I get this dumb grin on my face just THINKING about him. I am still terrified of the cross-dialect issues of trying to WRITE him, but he makes me so very, very happy that sooner or later I will probably have to try.

Secondly: Tonight I take my last exam of the semester. I've already found out enough of my grades that I'm pretty confident I'm going to get my requisite B-minus-or-better in all my classes, so I feel okay saying that I'm done with the first year of my program and all my required courses, and there's just eighteen credits of electives between me and the piece of paper that makes me a Real Librarian.

This got me to thinking about all the things I've learned this year which will serve me so well in my life post-graduate-school. I'm making a list:

  • How to utilize print and electronic reference sources to answer questions correctly and authoritatively.
  • Where cutter numbers come from.
  • Ironing.
  • Parallel parking.
  • Commuting daily via public transit (subspecialty: not passing out in the low-oxygen environment of the Red Line platform at Metro Center or Gallery Place following a mechanical failure during rush hour).
  • Operating my iPod left-handed in my pocket.
  • Sam and Gene are BOYFRIENDS OMG!!!1!
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    John Simm on Sam Tyler, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] hellblazer06 in [livejournal.com profile] lifein1973:
    I must admit I based a little bit of how he looked and acted on Bodie from The Professionals. Tight black leather jacket with collars on the outside, flares, Cuban heels. I thought if he woke up in the 1970s and he thinks it's all just in his head, that's what he'd want to be wearing. He wouldn't want to wake up wearing a really dodgy suit with a full-on moustache, so he didn't.

    I don't think we ever saw Bodie in those little red pants, though, did we? *g*
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    Home! For those who didn't notice I was gone: I was in Boston this weekend! Celebrating [livejournal.com profile] brooklinegirl's birthday along with [livejournal.com profile] lynnmonster and [livejournal.com profile] misspamela and [livejournal.com profile] estrella30! Plus dinner on Saturday with [livejournal.com profile] aneli8 and [livejournal.com profile] mrsronweasley and [livejournal.com profile] mayatawi and [livejournal.com profile] drlense and [livejournal.com profile] kageygirl, hi yay!

    We mainly celebrated by drinking and watching TV, which included, um. Miami Vice? And Jake 2.0? And The Sentinel, and Undeclared (guest starring Tom Welling, yay?) and about thirty seconds of anime porn before everyone, including [livejournal.com profile] lynnmonster, became totally unendurably traumatized. Then we watched Sports Night, all a-squee over it, and couldn't figure out why we don't watch it ALL THE TIME (consensus: because once you start watching you can't stop) and spent a lot of time looking around and saying, "Seriously, why aren't we all writing this? Why isn't EVERYONE writing this?"

    We also watched - without any fast-forwarding at all, which if you know anything about our collective attention span is the highest possible compliment - the first two episodes of Life on Mars (NB: NOT ACTUALLY SET ON MARS, just named after a David Bowie song). For those of you who've already seen this pimped up and down your friends list in the last few months, Oh my god, everyone is right, WATCH IT. For those who haven't, Life on Mars is absolutely brilliant, visually and directorially gorgeous, Sam is a HUGE woobie and spends all of the first two episodes getting periodically beaten up. And, oh yes, time-traveling.

    (The first time Sam walked by a telephone box, [livejournal.com profile] misspamela, who'd spent the entire previous day watching Dr. Who with [livejournal.com profile] brooklinegirl, pointed at the screen and yelled, "TARDIS!" but that seems not to be quite how it works for our Sam.)

    And eventually the weekend had to end, and after much consoling ourselves with the fact that [livejournal.com profile] con_txt is coming up fast, it was just me and Tracey left on the couch, and we watched this past Friday's Numb3rs, which Tracey had TiVoed for me, and Backscatter = YAY )

    Also, it seems that my DVD player is dying, and I would like to replace it with a spiffy region-free, AVI-playing model. It seems - from my thirty seconds of research - that the Phillips is not now widely available, but I know it's cheap and goodish. Recs? Help?
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    So it looks like the Hunting for Bambi thing (men hunting naked women with paintball guns) was a hoax designed to sell videos. Link to the story at KVBC-TV, Las Vegas here, although passages like this left me wondering if the news site was legit...

    The mayor of Las Vegas says hunting for Bambi is a scam. He says the hunts for nude women with paintball guns is a fake. Last week, we told you one of our competitors had been duped into believing the hunts were for real. News 3's Dana Wagner reports, the leader of hunting for Bambi just appeared on national TV to talk about it.


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