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I am supposed to be writing something other than this post right now, so here! Have a post.

Save the princess, save the world. Or, well, play more video games to save the world. A TED Talk by Jane McGonigal, who is totally not just trying to secure her job by getting us all to septuple our playing of online games. (Although I think you could argue that fandom serves the same functions for many of us, actually. Hmm.)

Unrelatedly: remember how one time I was all excited because I had had the idea of a Stargate SG-1/I Spy fusion where the CIA sent covert agents through the gate to other worlds to quietly and deniably foment rebellions against the Go'auld and get in adventures and stuff?

So today I started reading a book all about how in 1963 the United States opened the first "Turing gate" to an alternate reality, and immediately started sending CIA operatives through to alternate Americas to quietly and deniably foment rebellions in universes where the communists or fascists or etc. had taken over. <3_____<3

(A Turing gate is totally not a Stargate because when it activates there is a red mirror instead of a blue wormhole! And also it has a different name. That is how you can tell.)

It is Paul McAuley's Cowboy Angels (you can read the first three chapters online at that link) and while I'm only about 30-some pages in I am REALLY EXCITED. And so far I think the hero is a little more Jack O'Neill than Kelly Robinson, but I am actually pretty okay with that.
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I need to purge an idea from my brain, because I am really, honestly in no way equipped to actually write it, but I am totally enchanted with it and want to find someone who might possibly agree with me so:

Yesterday I kinda sorta maybe a little pimped myself into I Spy (I read all of Dorinda's fic and then watched the first 2.5 episodes on Hulu) and I noticed Scotty appears to speak any language the plot requires (granted I think in the episodes I've seen it's only been Chinese and Swahili and arguably Sanskrit) and I made some sort of Daniel Jackson joke and then I started plotting I Spy/Stargate-SG1 fusion fic.

I just--if the Stargate had been activated in the Sixties, with the US already sliding down into Vietnam, and trying for the moon shot, and barely twenty years past the bomb--looking at the Stargate as the ultimate bomb shelter--and they send out spies, disposable spies who have to keep their heads down and not make waves because nobody's coming to bail them out--maybe for a long time they're just throwing them through and demanding radio reports back, with no knowledge of how to dial home--and maybe some of those agents, for the sake of their own beliefs, preach a little sedition against the Goa'uld, maybe try to hook up with the Tok'ra or any other discontents they find--but mostly they're just spies, looking for intel and getting along and knowing they have no one to depend on but themselves...

And then it all spirals off into "So if they came after Ernest a mere twenty years later, how would that have turned out differently?" and turns into a research project and Srs Bsns Characterization Decisions and Was Scotty Actually Daniel Jackson in the Figuring Out the Gate Way? and it's even worse than Sports Night on Mars, it's not just a science fiction novel o' fanfic, it's like ten SF novels.

But there, that is my idea. Is it not shiny? Wouldn't Kelly and Scotty make awesome semi-peaceful explorers? :D


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