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So a few weeks ago my external hard drive--where I kept all my music--started dying. I managed to get all the music onto my laptop (and thence onto my shiny new 1TB backup drive), but this also required me to re-import everything into iTunes from the new location (which I dodged doing when I got a new computer thanks to having all the music on the external--I guess it was bound to happen eventually), and in the process I lost a few slowly-accreted playlists including my Aral/Jole playlist. I managed to remember a few obvious songs (the two all the titles come from and Jole's embarrassing country music anthem) but that's about all I've got. It's the saddest playlist ever.

So, if you've read my Aral/Jole stories, rec me a song or two that you think fits them? My SG-1 epic playlist has 38 songs, and Aral and Jole are going to start thinking I don't love them if this keeps up. *g*

(I tend to put songs on playlists of this kind because of lyrical resonance, so don't feel that you have to find something that actually sounds ... Barrayaran. Good God, now I'm trying to imagine Barrayaran pop music. o.O)

Also! In case you are interested in knowing more about my ~FEELINGS~ about any of the characters people requested, my answers to the feelings meme are linked below:

Peter Burke
Colby Granger
Jack Harkness
Daniel Jackson
Ianto Jones
Ray Kowalski
Amy Pond
Gregor Vorbarra
Aral Vorkosigan
Cordelia Vorkosigan
Miles Vorkosigan
Mark Vorkosigan
Ivan Vorpatril
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I am actually making this face: :D )

WIP meme!

Aug. 15th, 2010 09:01 pm
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I haven't done this one since 2004, but [personal profile] resonant just did it and I thought I'd give it a whirl...

Aral/Jole follow-up to "As You Tap on Your Glass"

Cordelia: You know, you should really hook up with Jole.
Aral: Do I have to?
Cordelia: Of course you don't have to.
Aral: Oh, hm. Well.
Jole: *has not shown up yet*
Me: This is the part where you're supposed to realize that you want to, Aral.
Aral: Do I have to?
Me: YES.
Aral: Well I'm not gonna.
Cordelia: I thought we'd just established that that approach doesn't work well.
Me: I guess that's why I've just been sitting here staring at this fic for two months now.

Other WIPs under the cut )
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I did a whole complicated thing here with a random number generator instead of just following the instructions, because I like to make life difficult for myself. But the actual directions for this meme are:

-Write down twenty of your favorite pairings/threesomes/etc.
-Put your media player on shuffle. The number of the song corresponds to the number of the pairing.
-Quote a part of the song that you think has any similarity with the couple.
[Although I may wander off into speculating on the song or some part of the song as a fic prompt, if it doesn't otherwise seem to apply.]

Drake/Josh - The National, Trophy Wives )

Jack/Sam/Daniel/Teal'c - XTC, Dear God )

Miles/Ekaterin - U2, One )

Aral/Cordelia - The Tragically Hip, Tiger the Lion )

Taura/Roic - The National, Cherry Tree )

Dag/Fawn - Reel Big Fish (covering A-Ha), Take on Me )

Eugenides/Attolia/Eddis/Sophos - Sufjan Stevens, Seven Swans )

Ramie/Jack&Jill/Tommy - The Mountain Goats, Cubs in Five )

Neal/Peter/El - Vienna Teng, Augustine )

Parker/Hardison/Eliot - The National, Fashion Coat )

Nate/Sophie - Peter Gabriel, Here Comes the Flood )

Danny/Lindsay - Lemonheads, Mrs. Robinson )

Eleven/Amy/Rory - KT Oslin, Come Next Monday )


Cobb/Saito - The National, Secret Meeting )

Nine/Jack/Rose - Sufjan Stevens, Chicago (Multiple Personality Disorder Version) )

Metacrisis!Ten/Rose - Eddie from Ohio, Sahara )

Jack/Ianto - The National, Val Jester )

Kirk/McCoy - Elton John, Candle in the Wind )

Kirk/Spock - The Dresden Dolls, Mrs. O )

Rory Williams/River Song - Symphony of Science,  )
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In further adventures of things I honestly have no intention of writing:

It occurred to me this morning that there ought to be, somewhere in fandom, a French Kiss AU (shut up I love that movie).

First I tried it with White Collar, like maybe El is Meg Ryan and obviously Neal is Kevin Kline and Peter is ... Jean Reno? And they all end up together? Hm.

OR, Peter is Meg Ryan and El is Timothy Hutton and the falling in love with a French supermodel part is a wacky misunderstanding of some sort, and they all end up together. That might actually work pretty well.

Anyway, but then I got stuck trying to figure out if that means Neal is French--and, in the Peter-is-Jean-Reno version, is Peter French? Is Peter working for Interpol? Complicated.

And I thought to myself, surely there is another fandom I could smash this concept into and then I thought, OH! YES!


Which inevitably means that SPOCK IS JEAN RENO, and so on... )

The only thing I'm sure of is that you cannot cross the Timothy Huttons: it doesn't work with Leverage at all. (Well, maybe it would sort of work as a trio-only AU with Hardison as Meg Ryan and Parker as Kevin Kline and Eliot as Jean Reno, but--no. No. I'm gonna stop now.)
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Today, apparently, is going to be the kind of day that starts with waking up and thinking about what kind of day it's going to be and listening to the birds sing and looking forward to the weekend, which for me starts tomorrow and will be featuring a lot of extended family...

...And then remembering that last night I worked out the concept for an entire Sexbot!Neal AU and swore I would actually write it.


Also I cannot figure out how to structure it with casefiles vs. main arc.

Of course there are still casefiles. Peter works in Robotic Crimes. Neal helps.
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This is my day-after-watching-the-finale instant reaction fic. Also I wrote most of it while sitting in a waiting room. Take that as you will.

Many thanks to [personal profile] iulia for audiencing, and to [personal profile] frostfire for eventually conceding that I didn't have to write the porn. (There is no porn.)

post-"Out of the Box". Neal/Peter/Elizabeth-ish.
Nothing explicit. 1700 words.

They're a Pietà.

This Flesh and Bone )
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Doctor Who 5x13:
Shh, spoilers. )

White Collar 1x14 (yes, I only just watched it today, I am slow):
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So apparently there's some kind of televised sports competition going on right now? IDK because for the last day or so I have been watching A LOT OF RECORDED TV.

So yesterday I watched six hours of White Collar and then this morning I watched two more episodes and then ran around like a crazy person cleaning up my apartment and then I--


I went and got [livejournal.com profile] strangecobwebs from Cameron Mitchell International Airport, because she is visiting me this weekend and I had not seen her in a YEAR and she had been sitting on my couch for less than an hour before she suggested that we should really finish getting me caught up on White Collar.

This is why she is my Valentine, okay.

So now I am all caught up on White Collar and I would just like to say YAY and FEEL FREE TO REC ME SOME OT3 FIC and JONESY PETER ILU.

And then we sat around and talked for a bit and then she said, "Do you watch Leverage?"

And I said, "Not yet."

And then we ordered pizza and watched six episodes of Leverage, and I would just like to say YAY and FEEL FREE TO REC ME SOME OT3 FIC and one other thing, having just watched the one with the orphans:

Parker and Mark Vorkosigan. DISCUSS.

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