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Two weeks in a row! Look at me go! I managed to function like a human being for like the entire day today, it was sort of amazing. So now I will continue my impressive accomplishments by making a blog post.

Books: I'm five or six chapters into The Soldier's Scoundrel by Cat Sebastian, and after the first three chapters I stopped and bought the next two books in the series on Amazon, so, yes, am enjoying! And juuust stuck a bookmark in Matt Ruff's Lovecraft Country to start reading next. (I usually have one ebook and one physical book on the go at a given time, and I'm trying to remember to read some of the unread books I actually own in between taking out all sorts of things from the library. We'll see how that goes when I'm using the quiet study room at the library five days a week to get writing and other work done.)

Books finished:

Hello Forever by Sarina Bowen, a loosely connected ~sequel~ to Goodbye Paradise. Both of these m/m romances where one or both heroes have faced severe homophobia were originally published under a different name, and have been republished this year as Sarina Bowen titles. AND THEY ARE GREAT. If you are into that kind of angst, which. I am. As it turns out. I loved the way this one handled Cax's resistance to being with a guy, giving him a situation that he feels trapped by for utterly legitimate reasons, and the way his resistance gives way piece by piece (and then, as they say, all at once). <3

The Proposal by Mary Balogh, the first book of the Survivors' Club series, in which it becomes clear that this series is actually a spinoff of at least two OTHER series so now I need a family tree with all of Mary Balogh's books clearly indicated on it to figure out what ELSE I want to read because these are delightful. (Notwithstanding the occasional startling anachronism, like a heroine comparing something from which nothing escapes to a black hole. In 1819 or so. BUT WHATEVER, RECOVERY LOVE STORIES FOR EVERYONE.)

Fic: Today was another day featuring the blessing of a WIP update, this time from Infinite Coffee and Protection Detail which is of course The Best. The Olds!! <3______<3 (also the endnotes say there was a huge continuity error in this chapter but I'm reading at the same pace as chapters are posting so I have totally lost track of continuity anyway so it was just delightful.) Otherwise I have six tabs open, 155 things marked for later, and 34 marked to reread. Oh and now that I have a physical copy I am slowly making my way through Not Without You, which is staggeringly beautiful and A Delight. <3 <3 <3

Fic finished:
(A sampling of stuff I’ve bookmarked recently–you can see all my bookmarks at http://archiveofourown.org/users/dsudis/bookmarks)

I Do (please say you want me) by [tumblr.com profile] ceeainthereforthat (Bucky/Steve, E, 82k) - Bucky is a professional dominant, and Steve is the son of a vice president who grew up in the public eye; they meet running together in the same DC neighborhood, and just when they're starting to actually get involved, Bucky's professional life becomes front page news. Steve proceeds to Be Maximum Steve Rogers about it and refuses to cut off contact or throw Bucky under the bus--and for the sake of PR it's decided that Steve should play out a whirlwind romance with Bucky instead, getting married (with a pre-nup guaranteeing Bucky millions of dollars upon their scheduled divorce five years later). EXCEPT GUESS WHAT THEY FALL IN FABULOUSLY KINKY LOVE. Ughhh this was so great, and I adored the pace of reveals and the way they kept edging further and further into actual intimacy. <3 <3 <3

Just Spit It Out by [tumblr.com profile] PorcupineGirl (Bitty/Jack, G, 2k) - What happens when you live in a first-words soulmark universe and you hear your soulmate say the words on your wrist--and then realize that YOU now need to say the words HE'S been waiting for for his entire life. And you are, say, a deeply anxious Canadian hockey robot. IT MIGHT BE DIFFICULT. But hooray for fate (and Shitty). <3

All I Ever Wanted by [tumblr.com profile] sevenfists (Sid/Geno, E, 10k) - A really lovely story about two dudes finally being ready to be in love with each other. And doing some high altitude training during their bye week, because Sidney Crosby.


Apr. 19th, 2012 07:24 pm
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There is something kind of fantastically meta-fannish about sitting down to watch real Blackhawks who I have read porn about while wearing my Kowalski #67 Blackhawks jersey.

Duncs/Seabs recs? I already read the werewolf one and the high school AU.

Or Jeff Skinner/Eric Staal? But I think I've read possibly literally all of those that there are. Including the lapdancing.
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You guys, look, I cannot even explain in words how much I hate Sean Avery, and have hated him, for years. He's been an embarrassment to hockey pretty much continuously since 2005. The high/lowlights are in the Wikipedia article. You may note he was a Red Wing until 2003, and that is the shortest section in his Wikipedia article because he never did anything awful while he was a Red Wing. In 2005, I still loved him for being a former Red Wing, and my first reaction to the string of accusations against him was more or less "Not our Sean Avery!" and then "Sean Avery what happened to you in LA?" and then "JESUS CHRIST NOT AVERY AGAIN" and downhill from there with everyone else.

To sum up, he's spent the last six years going above and beyond "on-ice instigator" to make a career of being a full-time asshole--in the press, during warmups, after games, whatever. When he was in Dallas his own team refused to reinstate him after a league-mandated suspension because even they couldn't stand him. The NHL had to make a special rule to stop him from being an unsportsmanlike ass on the ice. Just for him! I'm not even kidding, it's called the Sean Avery rule.

For years I have been wondering why any NHL team pays him money. I have often thought about him, "die in a fire" and then hastily amended it to "go away somewhere where I never have to hear you associated with the sport I love ever again, but don't die in a fire because that's awful." (No, seriously, the inside of my brain is like that. Only partly because of reading too many books about people dying in fires.) Just today in the car [personal profile] iulia and I were discussing him and how obnoxious and awful he is and I floated the charitable hypothesis that maybe he has chronic traumatic encephalopathy and that's why he became a raging cockbite after leaving the Red Wings, because he seemed really nice and normal, back in the day. (Then we came back to the less-charitable hypothesis that neither Steve Yzerman nor Scotty Bowman would ever have stood for that bullshit coming out of their locker room--so, in conclusion, I think the problem with Sean Avery is possibly either that he has been hit on the head too many times or that he has not been beaten enough.)

To sum up: you guys, up until half an hour ago I really, really thought that there was nothing that would ever make me think Sean Avery was anything but an utter, miserable disgrace to the sport of hockey.

And then he went and did this.

I actually lost the ability to form sentences after watching it. Sean Avery. Of all people. What.

(If you don't understand why it's a big deal for a hockey player to make that PSA, here is the story of the only person directly involved with the NHL who is even publicly known to have a gay family member. The really depressing conclusion I came to, after I regained the ability to form sentences, is that Sean Avery, despised as he is, is quite possibly the only player in the entire league who could support gay rights and not particularly care about what the inevitable suspicion that he himself is gay is going to mean for his career or his personal safety.)
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I am posting this so I will have the link and not just sit here and watch it over and over for the next hour in case I never see it again.

Or if the embed doesn't want to work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwAzb_7Cs1s

THE INFAMOUS KISS CAM INCIDENT. I had heard about it but never seen it! Marty! Shanny! Stevie! KISSES! ♥♥♥

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Hooray for the 2010 Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks!

I won't say it's entirely thanks to me, but I did put on my #67 Kowalski jersey before the second period....


Good Lord, Sharpie, mind where you put those blades!
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I was home sick today--to give a sense of severity, I was sick enough to set up my AeroBed in the living room for easier TV-watching, but not sick enough to watch Sister Act 2 once I got settled on it. (I did watch Ioan Gruffudd fight slavery in Amazing Grace, an episode of Holmes on Homes, and my DVR's entire stock of The Daily Show. And then I fell asleep for five hours.)

Anyway. Last night the Wings won their Game 7 to advance to the second round, and the Capitals are playing their Game 7 as we speak. So you know what that means: time for end-of-series picspam.

First off, there is Nick Lidstrom, who was playing on the eve of his 40th birthday--and answered critics who wondered whether he's getting a bit old for all of this by scoring two goals en route to the win.

And now the goalies. )
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First, the customary images of goalies and their star-crossed love in the handshake line:

And then some more, because I love goalies and the ESPN NHL Photo Wire loves me. (All photos AP.)

Goalies, ILU. Thrill of victory, agony of defeat, threesomes, etc. )
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And while I wait in hope for more adorable goalies-in-the-handshake-line photos to surface, there is this going on in my head:

Pretty regularly, I hear a song and, songs being how they are, there is a line or two that perfectly evokes some complicated and intense emotion, and I think I want to write a story that does that. Even though, working with text instead of instruments and a voice, it would take ages and ages of setup and probably never achieve that perfect, crystalline moment, still: I want to write a story that does that.

Hockey comes in here: I would now really, really like to write a story that evokes the way it feels to watch a winning team at the end of a hockey game, when they all pour onto the ice, crowd around their goalie, and, one by one, pat him on the top of his head or more often touch (helmeted) foreheads, or some combination of such touches. One by one, each man goes to the goalie and then skates away off the ice, with a few who hang back to escort him off. I would really like to write a story that does that. Somehow.

b) I had three-quarters of a beer while watching the game and now am mostly horizontal, head propped on own shoulder, as I type. I swear I am not this much of a lightweight, except when I am.
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1. Apparently the Caps only acknowledge the luckiness of ONE of the lucky shirts that worked for the Wings last year--if I wear my Fall Out Boy (pre-C&D Young Wild Things Tour) t-shirt, then they win 100% of the time (based on three data points, WHAT THAT'S PERFECTLY REASONABLE). So. I guess I will be doing some laundry tomorrow, to prepare for Game 7 on Tuesday.

2. Continuing with the Great Stargate SG-1 Rewatch, and "Foothold" is about as purely fun and entertaining an episode as I think I've watched so far. ♥

3. I blew past 10,000 words on the time-traveling kidfic last night. Every time I get really going on something big that I'm really having fun writing, it's like discovering how awesome writing is all over again. \o/

4. On Friday, [personal profile] iulia and I went to see Girlyman play a show down in Chicago. We love those guys (girls and guy, technically, but whatever)--it was the fourth time seeing them for both of us, though only our second time seeing them together.

It was also my first time hearing them play "Commander" live, and it turns out to have been the greatest thing, because--ever since discovering them, that song has been my one reservation about them. It's musically up there with any of their other songs, and there were lines in the lyrics that I found hooky and fascinating, but I'm a lyrics person and the lyrics--about a man placed in command who "couldn't be it", garnished with vague accusations of cowardice and impure motives--always really bugged me. It was a little reminiscent of my least favorite plot device, in that it seemed to rely on my sharing some kind of specific negative view of this military man, to be instantly willing to say, ha, yes, coward, profiteer, of any random commander. I know and love people who've served in the military; and thanks to fandom (through which I process everything), when somebody says commander I think, you know, base commander--so General Hammond, or John Sheppard, or someone like that. Someone who might sometimes do the wrong thing, but has a damn hard job and is doing his best.

So: the song always bugged me and I rarely listened to it, and it was the fly in the delicious ointment of my love for Girlyman.

Then, Friday night, Ty introduced the song by saying something to the effect of, "You know, I thought we'd never have to play this song again after George W. Bush left office, but things keep coming out about what went on during his administration, and people still seem to need to express that, so here it is."

And I realized that they left in Chief off the title, and it's about a very specific flawed commander, suddenly the song does not bug me in the slightest, anymore. (And in fact sounds like an attempt to make sense, to understand someone incomprehensible, rather than an attack.)

Have a listen, if you like (and if you do like, please consider supporting the artists--they are currently without label, going it alone to record their fourth album).


Apr. 24th, 2009 12:34 pm
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Another playoff season, another beautiful snapshot of the star-crossed love of opposing goalies in the handshake line:

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But that Rangers shot that went off the post behind Varlamov? And then they had the rush down to the other end and put in the second goal?

That was all me, okay. Lucky Fall Out Boy t-shirt (the pre-cease-and-desist Young Wild Things tour shirt) AND I was virtuously working out in front of the game. \o/
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If you can see this on LJ, it worked!

So, playoff hockey. I've been able to watch very little (curse you, Versus, and your limited coverage of the first round), but still managed to be fairly crazy about it anyway.

For the Red Wings, I wore the (designated lucky from last year's playoffs) EXTERMINATE t-shirt and black hoodie during Game 1. Result: 4-1 victory.

I was working right up until puck-drop for Game 2, so I wore a red sweater and stopped on the way home and got some Little Caesars pizza (the Red Wings and Little Caesars share owners). I listened on NHL radio and was ready to switch to a lucky t-shirt, but they seemed fine without it. Result: 4-0 victory.

For the Caps, though, I have been totally falling down on the job. Wasn't paying attention to the web feed of Game 1. Result: 4-3 loss.

Game 2 was played while I was at work, and once again I wasn't paying attention (and was wearing a sweater which supported the Red Wings). Result: 1-0 loss.

So, clearly, I will need to bust out the lucky t-shirt and hoodie combination for them when Game 3 airs on Versus. It's my duty as a fan.
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I find myself not wanting to post little things I otherwise might, because then I will have to endure the Herculean task of copying and pasting and retyping the subject line and hitting 'post' all over again. My life, so hard.


Soooo this morning in the shower I started scripting Dean and Castiel having a minor theological debate while naked. (Spoiler: Castiel wins.) I feel a lot worse about the theology than the nudity. Um, not that I'm writing it or anything.

Also, in case you were wondering, the current preferred translation for Gideon Bibles is the NKJV.

ALSO! It is now middle-to-late April, which MEANS! NHL PLAYOFF SEASON!

The Caps lost last night, probably because I was not able to watch the game (curse my cable package!), but I will attempt to do better for the Red Wings' first game tonight. As soon as I figure out what to wear (obv. what I wore last season worked, at least for last season--but this year I've had some luck wearing the jersey! I JUST DON'T KNOW.)

Also also also: thanks to [personal profile] grrliz who breaks it all down into very small words with illustrations and arrows, I now have a pretty pretty journal layout over at Dreamwidth! Where by pretty I of course mean black text on white with some little black outlines. Mmmm minimalism. Also, Oh God I wish it were that easy to make my website look that nice. Aaaagh, website. ETA: Actually, I guess it's gray on white, isn't it? Anyway.

Also^4, all my peeps who watch Criminal Minds (especially those who spent last week's ep clutching their hearts for REID OMG) should go watch the beautiful Reid vid, Day Carry Night by [livejournal.com profile] tearful_eye. REEEEEEEID. And also a really well done vid with a strong sense of motion to a slow-paced song, but mostly, REEEEEEEEID.

Okay. I think that's everything I'd been wanting to post. Now off to hit Post twice.
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So I'm watching the Wings game, and they're down 2-0, and I think they're driving the arena DJ to some serious emo.

No, seriously, the last two faceoffs were accompanied by The Smiths and Morrissey. If he busts out Dashboard it's going to be time to send someone up to the booth and make sure he's not cutting himself.


Oct. 9th, 2008 06:05 pm
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Dear The NHL,

Def Leppard? Seriously? I... really just wanted to watch some hockey.

Yours in bafflement,

PS Now I am suffering an overwhelming urge to see how these guys compare, age-wise, to the lineup of the Detroit Red Wings. Dammit.
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Because I promised to share this with at least one person at the con, and then promptly forgot who all I should be sending it to.

Lidstrom is pretty. Very, very pretty. )
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I do love hockey announcers.

"Samuelsson has gotten off, some of his linemates have not..."
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apart from the ulcer, I mean.

I have now memorized all. the goddamn. commercials. all of them.

Two months of playoffs = more network TV than I watch ever.


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